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Dangerous Mission Details


The 3D melodrama Dangerous Mission starts off with a bang when innocent Piper Laurie inadvertently witnesses the murder of her gangster boss. Though she doesn't get a particularly good look at the killer, she knows she's dead meat if she remains in town. Thus, Laurie skeedaddles to Montana's Glacier National Park, where most of the film takes place. Following her westward are Victor Mature and Vincent Price. One of these men is a federal agent, bound and determined to bring Laurie back to the East to testify; the other is the murderer, who intends to silence our heroine for keeps. Laurie doesn't know which is which, but the audience does. A bit poky at times (thanks in part to the uninspired editing of Gene Palmer), Dangerous Mission roars into life during a mid-film forest fire and a climactic chase through the glacier fields. Featured in the cast are William Bendix as a Montana ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Victor Mature
as Matt Hallett
Piper Laurie
as Louise Graham
William Bendix
as Joe Parker
Vincent Price
as Paul Adams
Steven Darrell
as Katoonai
Marlo Dwyer
as Mrs. Elster
Walter Reed
as Dobson
Dennis Weaver
as Pruitt
Harry V. Cheshire
as Elster
Chet Marshall
as Bellhop
Jack Chefe
as Headwaiter
Ken Dibbs
as Johnny Yonkers/Killer
Ralph Volkie
as Firefighter
Robert Carraher
as Praskins
George Sherwood
as Mr. Jones
Russell Thorson
as Radio Man
Roy Engel
as Hume
Trevor Bardette
as Kicking Bear
Bert Moorhouse
as Piano Player
Betta St. John
as Mary Tiller
John Carlyle
as Bellhop
Fritz Apking
as Hawthorne
Mike Lally
as Fletcher
Maureen Stephenson
as Mrs. Jones
Grace Hayle
as Mrs. Alvord
Jim Potter
as Cobb
Charles Cane
as Barrett


Louis King
Irwin Allen
Horace McCoy
Charles Bennett
Roy Webb
Composer (Music Score)
Frederic Knudtson
John Sturtevant
Production Designer
Darrell Silvera
Production Designer
Albert S. D'Agostino
Art Director
Michael Woulfe
Costume Designer