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Dance Fools Dance Details


Joan Crawford and William Bakewell play the spoiled-rotten grown children of stockbroker William Holden. When Wall Street lays its famous egg in 1929, Crawford and Bakewell find that they can no longer pursue their flamboyant lifestyle (for example, they'll have to put a moratorium on the sort of "lingerie parties" with which this film opens). Crawford gets a newspaper job, while Bakewell ties up with vicious bootlegger Clark Gable. When Gable is implicated in the murder of seven gangsters (a transparent reenactment of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre), Crawford's fellow reporter Cliff Edwards gets proof of Gable's complicity. Bakewell is ordered to kill Edwards; Crawford, not knowing of her brother's actions, takes Edwards' place, wooing Gable in hopes of getting a scoop. When Gable finds out that Crawford's working undercover (so to speak), he prepares to rub her out, but her life is saved by Bakewell at the cost of his own. Compared to the rest of the stick-figure leading men in Dance Fools Dance, Clark Gable stood out like a testosterone-soaked thumb, and it wouldn't be long before he'd be promoted from villains to heroes. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Joan Crawford
as Bonnie Jordan
Cliff Edwards
as Bert Scranton
William Bakewell
as Rodney Jordan
Clark Gable
as Jake Luva
Earl Foxe
as Wally Baxter
Purnell Pratt
as Parker
Hale Hamilton
as Selby
Natalie Moorhead
as Della
Joan Marsh
as Sylvia
Russell Hopton
as Whitey
Robert Livingston
as Jack, a Hood
James Donlan
as Police Reporter
Sherry Hall
as Reporter
Harry Semels
as Dance Extra
Lester Vail
as Bob Townsend
Clara Blandick


Harry Beaumont
Richard Schayer
Aurania Rouverol
Roy Turk
Jimmy McHugh
Frank Crumit
Cedric Gibbons
Art Director
Costume Designer