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Damien: Omen II Details


Satan's son comes of age in this horror sequel. Shortly after the events of The Omen, a pair of anthropologists uncovers an ancient crypt that depicts the face of the Antichrist -- that of Damien Thorn (Jonathan Scott-Taylor), recently orphaned scion of a wealthy industrialist. Before they can warn the world of the child's evil lineage, both men are buried under tons of rubble. Seven years later, 13-year-old Damien attends military school alongside his cousin, Mark (Lucas Donat), and spends lots of time with his adoptive parents, Uncle Richard (William Holden) and Aunt Ann (Lee Grant). After the boy's Great Aunt Marion (Sylvia Sidney) tries to convince the Thorns that Damien is a malevolent influence on Mark, she dies suddenly, and, unbeknownst to the family, horrifically. Ravens, it seems, are the harbingers of Damien's power, and in addition to Aunt Marion, they visit a long procession of characters who get too close to Damien's true identity. The most horrible death is suffered by Joan Hart (Elizabeth Shepherd), an investigative reporter who's digging into the boy's life; she gets flattened by a truck after having her eyes devoured by those menacing birds. Meanwhile, executive Paul Buher (Robert Foxworth) climbs the corporate ladder at Thorn Industries and takes young Damien under his devil-worshiping wings. Sgt. Neff (Lance Henriksen), one of the boy's instructors, also helps initiate Damien. As the pile of bodies gets bigger -- and closer -- Uncle Richard begins to suspect the truth, and, like his brother before him, plot the death of Damien. The existence of another sequel, 1981's The Final Conflict, gives a good indication of the outcome. Although Damien: Omen II is his only Hollywood feature credit, Scott-Taylor appeared frequently in the theater and on television; he once even portrayed Damien's arch-nemesis, Jesus, on-stage. ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi


William Holden
as Richard Thorn
Lee Grant
as Ann Thorn
Jonathan Scott-Taylor
as Damien Thorn
Robert Foxworth
as Paul Buller
Lew Ayres
as Bill Atherton
Lucas Donat
as Mark Thorn
Sylvia Sidney
as Aunt Marion
Nicholas Pryor
as Charles Warren
Lance Henriksen
as Sgt. Neff
Elizabeth Shepherd
as Joan Hart
Allan Arbus
as Pasarian
Fritz Ford
as Murray
Meshach Taylor
as Dr. Kane
Rusdi Lane
as Jim
Judith Dowd
as Maid
James Spinks
as Technician
Leo McKern
as Bugenhagen
Cornelia Sanders
as Young Girl
Charles Mountain
as Burial Priest
Owen Sullivan
as Byron
Corney Morgan
as Greenhouse Technicican
Diane Daniels
as Jane
Felix Shuman
as Dr. Fiedler


Don Taylor
Harvey Bernhard
Harvey Bernhard
Screen Story
Stanley Mann
Mike Hodges
Bill Butler
Gilbert Taylor
Jerry Goldsmith
Composer (Music Score)
Robert Brown
Fred Harpman
Production Designer
Charles Orme
Mace Neufeld
Associate Producer
Alexandra Nicholson
First Assistant Director
Steve Lanning
Production Manager
Lynn Stalmaster
Audrey Levy
Production Assistant
Sioux Richards
Script Supervisor
Ray Summers
Zach Staenberg
Production Assistant
Don Smetzer
Still Photographer
Theodore Soderberg
Re-Recording Mixer
Richard Luke Rothschild
Second Assistant Director
Willie Navarro
First Assistant Editor
Bill MacSems
Properties Master
Burton Miller
Ron Taberer
First Assistant Camera
Ray Berwick
Animal Trainer/Wrangler
Lee Rafner
Unit Production Manager
Edith Nisted
First Assistant Camera
Rusty Lemorande
Production Assistant
John D. Crededio
Bob Dahlin
Second Assistant Director
Al Giddings
Underwater Photography
Max Kleven
Stunts Coordinator