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Daddy Day Care Details


Two fathers get a crash course in caring for kids other than their own in this family-friendly comedy. Charlie Hinton (Eddie Murphy) is an advertising executive whose job monopolizes his time, making it difficult for him to stay in touch with his young son, Ben (Khamani Griffin). However, after Charlie and his partner, Phil (Jeff Garlin), are given their pink slips in the wake of a disastrous campaign for a new breakfast cereal, Charlie's wife, Kim (Regina King), goes back to work, and with the family budget tighter than before, Charlie becomes a stay-at-home dad. After pulling Ben out of an expensive and exclusive daycare center run by the humorless Gwyneth Harridan (Anjelica Huston), Charlie comes up with a brainstorm -- since he and Phil watch their own children every day, how much harder could it be to watch a few more kids and open their own day care center? Charlie and Phil discover there's much more to running a daycare center than they ever imagined, but after a very rough start, with the help of likable slacker Marvin (Steve Zahn) their new business becomes a success -- so much so that Harridan finds herself losing customers to the upstart fathers, and she starts searching for a way to shut them down. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:May 9, 2003


Eddie Murphy
as Charlie Hinton
Jeff Garlin
as Phil
Steve Zahn
as Marvin
Regina King
as Kim Hinton
Kevin Nealon
as Bruce
Jonathan Katz
as Dr. Dan Kubitz
Siobhan Fallon-Hogan
as Peggy
Elle Fanning
as Jamie
Lisa Edelstein
as Crispin's Mom
Michelle Krusiec
as English Teacher
Lacey Chabert
as Jennifer
Laura Kightlinger
as Sheila
Leila Arcieri
as Kelly
Anjelica Huston
as Miss Gwyneth Harridan
Khamani Griffin
as Ben Hinton
Brie Arbaugh
as Jaime's Mom
Cesar Flores
as Sean
Bess Meisler
as Old Gypsy Woman
Annabelle Gurwitch
as Becca's Mom
McNally Sagal
as Enraged Mom
Max Burkholder
as Max
Arthur Young
as Nicky
Wallace Langham
as Jim Fields
Roger E. Reid
as Parks Employee
Dennis Cockrum
as Marketing Guy
Mark Griffin
as Co-Worker Steve
Hailey Johnson
as Becca
Susan Santiago
as Sean's Mom
Brian Palermo
as Skeptical Father
Don Winston
as Marketing Guy
Shane Baumel
as Crispin
Bridgette Ho
as Erin
Sonya Eddy
as Waitress
Tara Mercurio
as SAT Teacher
Connor Carmody
as Duncan
Alyssa Shafer
as Juel
Sloane Momsen
as Beth-Anne
Gary Owen
as Mr. Carrott
Damani Roberts
as German Speaking Boy
Jimmy Bennett
as "The Flash"/Tony
Fred Stoller
as Job Counselor
Joan Blair
as Day Care Lady
Timmy Deters
as Tony's Brother
Mary Portser
as Tony's Mom
Rachael Harris
as Co-Worker Elaine
Makenzie Vega
as Bridget
Felix Achille
as Dylan


Steve Carr
Wyck Godfrey
Matt Berenson
Geoff Rodkey
Steven Poster
Spring Aspers
Musical Direction/Supervision
David Newman
Composer (Music Score)
Christopher Greenbury
Garreth Stover
Production Designer
Chris Cornwell
Art Director
Jack Brodsky
Rufus Gifford
Associate Producer
Heidi Santelli
Executive Producer
Dan Kolsrud
Executive Producer
Joe Roth
Executive Producer
Barbara Mesney
Set Designer
Louisa Bonnie
Set Designer
Dawn Snyder
Set Designer
Maggie Martin
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Nancy Heinze
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First Assistant Editor
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Eric Whitehead
Dolly Grip
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Unit Production Manager
Kira Roessler
Sound Editor
William Ambrose
Best Boy Grip
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Second Second Assistant Director
Sheredia Norris
Production Assistant