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Curse II: The Bite Details


This in-name-only sequel to the mediocre H.P. Lovecraft adaptation H.P. Lovecraft is a slight improvement on its predecessor, eschewing any trace of Lovecraft in favor of a standard nuclear-mutant-beast plot but imbuing this theme with a menagerie of brain-damaged setpieces. When the protagonist and his girlfriend stumble across an abandoned atomic test site, he's bitten on the arm by an irradiated snake-monster; in a creative but excessively grotesque twist, only the venom-infected arm begins to undergo the inevitable transformation into a fanged beast (sort of a reptilian variant on Bruce Campbell's rebellious demonic hand in Bruce Campbell), which leads to some unpleasant quirks in the young couple's relationship. Before long, the poor guy becomes a veritable snake-factory, churning out baby serpents at an incredible clip. The performances are quite good and the makeup effects (by Screaming Mad George) deserve credit for their disgusting audacity. Very weird but more fun than its predecessor, this is probably the film that Screaming Mad George wished it could have been. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi


Jill Schoelen
as Lisa Snipes
J. Eddie Peck
as Clark Newman
Jamie Farr
as Harry Morton
Savina Gersak
as Iris
Bo Svenson
as Sheriff
Marianne Muellerleile
as Big Flo
Al Fann
as Gas Station Attendant
Sidney Lassick
as George
Terrence Evans
as Farmer Dave
Shiri Appleby
as Grace
Tiny Wells
as Beef
Deke Anderson
as Country Boy 1
Tiny Wells
as Beef


Fred Goodwin
Ovidio G. Assonitis
Federico Prosperi
Federico Prosperi
Claudio M. Cutry
Billy Jett
Production Designer
Roberto Messina