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Curse of the Devil Details


Spain's leading horror star, [[Performer~P103200~Jacinto Molina~jacintomolina]] (alias "[[Performer~P104067~Paul Naschy~paulnaschy]]") makes his seventh appearance as the cursed werewolf Waldemar Daninsky in this creepy entry from director [[Performer~P80196~Carlos Aured~carlosaured]]. A prologue set during the Inquisition shows [[Performer~P103200~Molina~jacintomolina]] as a witch-hunter who is cursed by an evil Countess ([[Performer~P65162~Patty Shepard~pattyshepard]]) while she is burned alive. In the present day, a gypsy revives the curse after [[Performer~P103200~Molina~jacintomolina]] shoots a werewolf, leading a pretty girl ([[Performer~P53970~Maritza Olivares~maritzaolivares]]) to seduce him and pass on the disease of lycanthropy by scarring his chest with a wolf's skull. The curse continues even after Daninsky is done in by his sweetheart ([[Performer~P22562~Fabiola Falcon~fabiolafalcon]]), for she births a child in the sequel-bait conclusion. [[Performer~P45980~Jose Manuel Martin~josemanuelmartin]], [[Performer~P65646~Maria Silva~mariasilva]], and [[Performer~P122222~Eduardo Calvo~eduardocalvo]] co-star. [[Performer~P103200~Molina~jacintomolina]] returned as the werewolf in the delirious [[Feature~V35304~La Maldicion de la Bestia~lamaldiciondelabestia]] (1975). ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi


Paul Naschy
as Waldemar Daninsky
Eduardo Calvo
Ines Morales
Santiago Rivero
Patty Shepard
as Countess Wandesa de Nadasky


Carlos Aured
Jacinto Molina