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Curse of the Devil Details


Spain's leading horror star, Jacinto Molina (alias "Paul Naschy") makes his seventh appearance as the cursed werewolf Waldemar Daninsky in this creepy entry from director Carlos Aured. A prologue set during the Inquisition shows Molina as a witch-hunter who is cursed by an evil Countess (Patty Shepard) while she is burned alive. In the present day, a gypsy revives the curse after Molina shoots a werewolf, leading a pretty girl (Maritza Olivares) to seduce him and pass on the disease of lycanthropy by scarring his chest with a wolf's skull. The curse continues even after Daninsky is done in by his sweetheart (Fabiola Falcon), for she births a child in the sequel-bait conclusion. Jose Manuel Martin, Maria Silva, and Eduardo Calvo co-star. Molina returned as the werewolf in the delirious Eduardo Calvo (1975). ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi


Paul Naschy
as Waldemar Daninsky
Patty Shepard
as Countess Wandesa de Nadasky
Eduardo Calvo
Ines Morales
Santiago Rivero
Patty Shepard
as Countess Wandesa de Nadasky


Carlos Aured
Jacinto Molina