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When Arthur Miller's play The Crucible was first staged in 1953, it was widely acclaimed as a metaphor for the recklessness of Joseph McCarthy and his spurious crusade against communism. In its 1996 screen adaptation (scripted by Miller), the tone has been adjusted somewhat and plays as a warning against the dangers of political and religious extremism of all kinds. After a group of young women is accused of witchcraft in the Puritan community of Salem, Mass. in 1692, Abigail Williams (Winona Ryder) is held in suspicion of practicing magic. Abigail in turn levels charges against John Proctor (Daniel Day-Lewis) and his wife Elizabeth (Joan Allen). Abigail has a private grudge against the Proctors; while working as their servant, she had an affair with John, and when John ended the relationship and returned to his wife, Abigail was fired. Now the Reverend Parris (Bruce Davison) is hearing accusations and counter-accusations of misdeeds from all sides of the community in the wake of Abigail's charges, so he brings in Judge Danforth (Paul Scofield) to determine who is guilty or innocent. However, given the moral climate of the time, it seems someone has to be found guilty of witchcraft, even though firm evidence of wrongdoing is becoming hard to come by. This was the second screen version of The Crucible, though it was the first one in English; the previous version, filmed in France in 1956, starred Simone Signoret and Yves Montand. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:November 27, 1996


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Arthur Miller Best Adapted Screenplay 1996 Nominee
Broadcast Film Critics Association Joan Allen Best Supporting Actress 1996 Winner
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Joan Allen Best Supporting Actress 1996 Nominee


Daniel Day-Lewis
as John Proctor
Winona Ryder
as Abigail Williams
Paul Scofield
as Judge Danforth
Joan Allen
as Elizabeth Proctor
Bruce Davison
as Rev. Samuel Parris
Rob Campbell
as Reverend John Hale
Jeffrey Jones
as Thomas Putnam
Karron Graves
as Mary Warren
Sheila Pinkham
as Goody Good
David V. Picker
Mara Clark
as Goody Barrow
Jane Pulkkinen
as Goody Bellows
Robert Breuler
as Judge Hathorne
George Gaynes
as Judge Samuel Sewall
Lian-Marie Holmes
as Deliverance Fuller
Elizabeth Lawrence
as Rebecca Nurse
John Griesemer
as Ezekial Cheever
Peter Vaughan
as Giles Corey
Rachael Bella
as Betty Parris
Mary Pat Gleason
as Martha Corey
Dorothy Brodesser
as Mrs Griggs
Frances Conroy
as Ann Putnam
Kali Rocha
as Mercy Lewis
Ken Cheeseman
as Goat Owner
Simone Marean
as Rachel Buxton
William Preston
as George Jacobs
Michael McKinstry
as Daniel Proctor
Jessie Kilguss
as Deborah Flint
Mary Reardon
as Esther Wilkens
Charlotte Melen
as Margaret Kenney
June Lewin
as Townswoman
Michael Gaston
as Marshal Herrick
Peter Maloney
as Dr. Griggs
Steven Ochoa
as Putnam's servant
Dossy Peabody
as Goody Sibber
Tom McDermott
as Francis Nurse
Amee Gray
as Lydia Sheldon
Sheila Ferrini
as Townswoman
Ashley Peldon
as Ruth Putman
Carmella Mulvihill
as Hannah Brown
Charlaine Woodard
as Tituba
Will Lyman
as Isaiah Goodkind
Alexander Streit
as Joseph Proctor
Ruth Maleczech
as Goody Osborne


Nicholas Hytner
Bob Miller
David V. Picker
Robert A. Miller
Arthur Miller
Play Author
Arthur Miller
Andrew Dunn
Eliza Thompson
Musical Direction/Supervision
George Fenton
Composer (Music Score)
George Fenton
Tariq Anwar
Lilly Kilvert
Production Designer
John Warnke
Art Director
Diana Pokorny
Mitchell Levin
Associate Producer
Louis Montejano
Set Designer
Nick Navarro
Set Designer
Bob Crowley
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Gretchen Rau
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