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Crooks and Coronets Details


Herbie Hassler (Telly Savalas) and Marty Miller (Warren Oates) are American gangsters who plan to rob an opulent aristocratic home of valuable art treasures. Under the orders of crime boss Nick Marco (Cesar Romero), the duo charms Lady Fitzmore (Edith Evans), a wealthy dowager and proprietress of a monied estate. The plan is to work in collaboration with a British gang lead by Finley (Harry H. Corbett). When the time comes to initiate the big heist, the sentimental American crooks can't bring themselves to rob their eccentric but lovable hostess. They confess the plan and work with Lady Fitzmore and Lord Fitzmore (Nicky Henson) in an effort to catch their British burglar counterparts in this delightful crime comedy. ~ Dan Pavlides, Rovi


Telly Savalas
as Herbie Hassler
Edith Evans
as Sophie Fitzmore
Warren Oates
as Marty Miller
Cesar Romero
as Nick Marco
Nicky Henson
as Lord Freddie Fitzmore
Hattie Jacques
as Mabel
Vickery Turner
as Annie
Arthur Mullard
as Perce
Frank Thornton
as Cyril
Thorley Walters
as Hubbard
Jeremy Young
as Reilly
Leslie Dwyer
as Henry
Clive Dunn
as Basil
David Bauer
as Jack
Ivor Dean
as Bellows
Herman Cohen


Jim O'Connolly
Herman Cohen
Jim O'Connolly
Desmond Dickinson
Freda Pearson
Set Designer
Mike LeMare
Sound/Sound Designer