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Crimen en Familia Details


This fictional treatment of an actual incident in Barcelona, Spain involves a man who brutalizes his family and those who work underneath him with no concern for anyone except himself. The story may not be far away from the truth for many families in many countries. Costa (Agustin Gonzalez) is a member of the former right-wing extremists Fuerza Nueva and has built a little empire for himself in the construction and real-estate business. He freely and frequently abuses his wife and four children, and in fact only one daughter is not terrified of him. Costa goes around with a bodyguard -- since even he is aware of the hatred he engenders -- but his ultimate mistake lies in assuming that the victims of his vicious temper may not be quite as weak as the spineless jellyfish he sees in them. The result of his excesses finally culminates in an irreversible act of violence that may -- or may not -- result in court action. Although a little flawed by technical problems with the sound and a somewhat disjointed, episodic telling of the tale, this drama is sure to keep viewers involved in the action. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi