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Creepshow Details


Two of the most venerable names in the horror field, author Stephen King and director George A. Romero, present this anthology of original twisted tales inspired by the E.C. horror comics of the 50's and 60's (themselves a more direct basis for the popular George A. Romero TV series). The five stories are framed within the pages of a comic book which a boy's insensitive father has thrown in the garbage. The first tale, "Father's Day," features a zombie patriarch returning to claim his Father's Day cake; "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill" stars King himself as a slack-jawed yokel whose discovery of a radioactive meteorite turns him into a walking weed; "Something to Tide You Over" presents a deadly-serious Leslie Nielsen as a cuckolded husband who plans an elaborate seaside revenge; "The Crate" unleashes its ferocious man-eating contents on the enemies of a meek college professor; and "They're Creeping Up On You" pits obsessively-clean billionaire E.G. Marshall against a swarm of cockroaches in his sterile penthouse. The chapters are uniformly creative, filmed in garish comic-book colors, and Tom Savini's makeup effects are quite memorable (particularly the monster from "The Crate"), though the campy treatment does become exhausting after two hours' runtime. The final segment is the most impressive, thanks to Marshall's over-the-top performance, though the planned scope of the cockroach invasion was drastically reduced (no doubt due to budget constraints). ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi

  • Release date:November 12, 1982


Hal Holbrook
as Henry Northrup
Adrienne Barbeau
as Wilma Northrup
Fritz Weaver
as Dexter Stanley
Leslie Nielsen
as Richard Vickers
E.G. Marshall
as Upson Pratt
Viveca Lindfors
as Aunt Bedelia
Stephen King
as Jordy Verrill
Ed Harris
as Hank
Ted Danson
as Harry
Robert Harper
as Charlie
Jon Lormer
as Nathan Grantham
Tom Atkins
as Billy's Father (uncredited)
Chuck Aber
as Richard Raymond
Bingo O'Malley
as Jordy's Dad
Don Keefer
as Mike the Janitor
Elizabeth Regan
as Cass Blaine
Gaylen Ross
as Becky Vickers
Katie Karlovitz
as Maid
Christine Forrest
as Tabitha Raymond
Tom Savini
as Garbage Man
Marty Schiff
as Garbage Man #1
Warner Shook
as Richard Grantham
John Amplas
as Nathan's Corpse


George A. Romero
Richard P. Rubinstein
Stephen King
Michael Gornick
John Harrison
Composer (Music Score)
Paul Hirsch
Michael Spolan
George A. Romero
David E. Vogel
Associate Producer
Barbara Anderson
Costume Designer
Tom Savini
Makeup Special Effects