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[[Performer~P108784~George Romero~georgearomero]]'s The Crazies involves a biochemical warfare virus code-named "Trixie" that gets into the water supply of Evans City, PA. It has two equally unpleasant effects, either killing its victims outright or driving them hopelessly insane. The military descends on the town like a plague of locusts, quarantining the area and dragging the frightened citizens from their homes to be corralled at the local high school while the "powers that be" figure out what to do. Human interest revolves around firefighting Nam vet David and his pregnant wife, Judy, who try to escape the quarantine, the virus, and the militant redneck locals whom [[Performer~P108784~Romero~georgearomero]] portrays as even more fearsome than the soldiers. There's also an infected father and daughter, played by [[Performer~P127943~Richard Liberty~richardliberty]] ([[Feature~V12621~Day of the Dead~dayofthedead]]) and pretty [[Performer~P43552~Lynn Lowry~lynnlowry]] ([[Feature~V49409~Shivers~shivers]]), who gives the film's best performance as an innocent waif who mourns the passing of her own sanity. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi

  • Release date:March 16, 1973


Kim Smith
Lane Carroll
as Judy
Lynn Lowry
as Kathie
Bill Hinzman
Harry Spillman
as Maj. Ryder
Stephen Liska
Richard France
as Dr. Watts
Lloyd Hollar
as Col. Pockem
Leland Starnes
as Shelby
Ned Schmidtke
as Sgt. Tragesser
Richard Liberty
as Artie


George A. Romero
George A. Romero
Paul McCollough
Screen Story
Bill Hinzman
Bruce Roberts
Composer (Music Score)
George A. Romero