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Cradle 2 the Grave Details


A thief and a lawman join forces to hunt down a common enemy in this action thriller. Tony Fait (DMX) is a master thief who, along with his crew (Gabrielle Union, Anthony Anderson, and Drag-On), pulls off a major score when they steal a cache of highly valuable black diamonds. However, the hard-as-nails Tony has a soft spot for his young daughter Vanessa (Paige Hurd), and Ling (Mark Dacascos), a former detective turned ruthless criminal, kidnaps Vanessa, demanding a ransom from Tony for her return -- the stash of black diamonds. The jewels have already been stolen, however, from Tony's fence Archie (Tom Arnold), and are now in the hands of a powerful underworld boss (Chi McBride). Determined to get back his daughter whatever the cost, Tony and his gang set out to find both Ling and the diamonds, but he soon gets some invaluable help from an unlikely corner -- Su (Jet Li), a government agent from Taiwan who was once Ling's partner, and has an old score to settle with him. Cradle 2 the Grave also features Kelly Hu and Roxana Brusso. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:February 28, 2003


Jet Li
as Su
as Tony Fait
Mark Dacascos
as Ling
Kelly Hu
as Sona
Anthony Anderson
as Tommy
Tom Arnold
as Archie
Gabrielle Union
as Daria
Michael Jace
as Odion
Paige Hurd
as Vanessa
Chi McBride
as Chamber
Doug Spearman
as African Buyer
Stephen Quadros
as Prison Guard Vogel
Marcus Young
as Ling's Hitman
Johnny Nguyen
as Ling's Hitman
Shawn Hollinger
as Fight Club Bookie
Tim Storms
as Referee
Daniel Dae Kim
as Visiting Expert
Harry Dillon
as Pakistani Buyer
Martin Klebba
as Fight Announcer
Tito Ortiz
as Ultimate Fighter
Hector Echavarria
as Ultimate Fighter
Sean Cory
as Willy Chickens
Ron Yuan
as Laser Tech
Paolo Seganti
as Christophe
Julie du Page
as French Buyer
Maximilian Mastransgelo
as Archie's Worker
Matt Baker
as Motorcycle Rider
Chic Daniel
as Swat Cop
André Ware
as Pinky Ring Man
Larry Joshua
as Cop In Vault
Jake Muxworthy
as Paramedic
Paolo Mastropietro
as Fight Club Doorman
Wiley M. Pickett
as Police Officer
Beth Gains
as 911 Operator
Tom McCleister
as Fight Club Fan
Chuck Liddell
as Ultimate Fighter
Gwen McGee
as Subway Driver
Randy Couture
as Fighter #8
Peter J. Lucas
as Russian Buyer
John Dohle
as Swat Cop


Andrzej Bartkowiak
Joel Silver
John O'Brien
Screen Story
John O'Brien
Reggie Rock Bythewood
Channing Gibson
Daryn Okada
Damon Blackman
Composer (Music Score)
Derek Brechin
David F. Klassen
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Richard Mays
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Melina Kevorkian
Gilbert Williams
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Herbert W. Gains
Executive Producer
Ray Copeland
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Kevin Cross
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Sandra Sedlik
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Costume Designer
Keith A. Wester
Sound/Sound Designer
Robert Stoker
Special Effects
Chris Brenczewski
Special Effects
John Fasal
Special Effects
Rich Cordobes
Special Effects
Paul Huggins
Special Effects
Jeffrey Wetzel
First Assistant Director
Nick Satriano
First Assistant Director
Grace Liu
First Assistant Director
Lisa Satriano
First Assistant Director
Vern Nobles, Jr.
Camera Operator
Doug Schulman
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Barbara Cohen
Mary Gail Artz
Rhonda C. Gunner
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Tommy Lockett
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Troy Porter
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Mark Larry
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Ursula Hawks
Hair Styles
The Picture Mill
Title Design