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In this romantic comedy, two people brought together by marriage are brought even closer by their mates. Maria Hardy (Isabella Rossellini) and Larry Konzinski (Ted Danson) first meet at a wedding, where Maria's mother and Larry's uncle are tying the knot. However, the new cousins also have something else in common: Maria's husband Tom (William L. Petersen) is having an affair with Larry's wife, Tish (Sean Young). Maria and Larry get to talking at the wedding reception after their spouses go missing for a while, and they develop a rapport. A friendship grows between them, and they start seeing each other on a regular basis. When Maria confronts Tom about his infidelity, he responds by asking her if she's sleeping with Larry. As Maria and Larry become aware of what's happening between their not-so-better halves, they decide to get revenge by pretending to have an affair as well. However, the longer they pretend to be in love, the more they realize that they aren't pretending after all. Cousins was based on the popular French film Sean Young. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:February 10, 1989


Ted Danson
as Larry Kozinski
Isabella Rossellini
as Maria Hardy
Sean Young
as Tish Kozinski
William Petersen
as Tom Hardy
Lloyd Bridges
as Vince Kozinski
Norma Aleandro
as Edie Costello
Keith Coogan
as Mitch Kozinski
Gina de Angelis
as Aunt Sofia
Michele Moyier
as Magician's Assistant
Stephen E. Miller
as Stan
Katie Murray
as Chloe Hardy
Harold MacDonald
as Priest at Funeral
Ann Leong
as Chinese Fish Saleswoman
Tom McBeath
as Mr. Dionne
Andrea Mann
as Rosanna
Monica Marko
as Cosmetic Customer
Bernadette Leonard
as Bernadette
Wes Tritter
as Waiter
Leroy Schultz
as Cousin Harry
Sharon Wahl
as Weddingland Hostess
Denalda Williams
as Olga
Michael Naxos
as Mr. Bregman
Sheila Paterson
as Cottage Owner
Margot Pinvidic
as Natalie
Cathy Bayer
as Cathy
Gordon Currie
as Dean Kozinski
George Coe
as Phil Kozinski
Dolores Drake
as Mrs. Dionne
Alex Bruhanski
as Herbie
Gerry Bean
as Kevin Costello
Lorraine Butler
as Mrs. Greenblatt
Babs Chula
as Mrs. Davidow
John Hurwitz
as Twin
Saffron Henderson
as Terri Costello
Bill Henderson
as Valhalla Band
Antony Holland
as Wedding Priest
Mark Frank
as Arnie Slevins
Michelle Goodger
as Claudia
Lorena Gale
as Cosmetic Demonstrator
Thomas Heaton
as Farmer on Tractor
George Goodman
as Jewish Father of Bride
Gloria Harris
as Terri's Mother


Joel Schumacher
William Allyn
Stephen Metcalfe
Ralf Bode
Angelo Badalamenti
Composer (Music Score)
Robert Brown
Mark Freeborn
Production Designer
George Goodman
Executive Producer
Linda Vipond
Set Designer
Michael Kaplan
Costume Designer
Tish Monaghan
Costume Designer
Marci Liroff
Warren Carr
Production Manager
Fern Buchner