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A harmonious fisherman who lives his life peacefully drifting with the tides finds himself drawn into a political plot after rescuing two Americans from the wreckage of a crashed airplane. Countryman is a man of knowledge, a man who lives by the land and leads a noble life. When the solitary fisherman sees an airplane crash into a nearby swamp, he heroically comes to the rescue of the two surviving passengers. For his efforts, Countryman is not commended, but branded an enemy agent along with the two Americans from the airplane. The man responsible for transforming the selfless hero into a desperate fugitive is the power-hungry General Sinclair, a man so consumed by his quest for glory that he is willing to destroy anyone who gets in his way. Now, in order just to survive, the peace-loving Rastafarian must flee into the Jamaican wilderness and share his knowledge of the land with his new American friends. And though Countryman is a gentle soul at heart, he proves capable of unleashing a furious display of acrobatic hand-to-hand combat when forced to fight for what is right. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi


Hiram Keller
as Bobby Lloyd
Carl Bradshaw
as Capt. Benchley
Basil Keane
as Colonel Sinclair
Ronnie McKay
as Wax
Ronald Gossop
as Biker
Oliver Samuels
as Pillion
Buster Jameson
as Ezekiel
Freshey Richardson
as Mosman
Claudia Robinson


Dickie Jobson
Chris Blackwell
Dickie Jobson
Dominique Chapuis
Wally Badarou
Composer (Music Score)
Peter Boyle
Bernard Leonard
Art Director