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Countess Dracula Details


Polish actress [[Performer~P56991~Ingrid Pitt~ingridpitt]] became a cult figure for her portrayal of the notorious Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory in this Hammer horror film. Bathory finds that bathing in the blood of virgins restores her youthful beauty, and she enlists her servant ([[Performer~P92442~Nigel Green~nigelgreen]] in a standout performance) to kidnap her own daughter, Ilona ([[Performer~P19963~Lesley-Anne Down~lesleyannedown]]). Bathory assumes Ilona's identity to seduce a young man ([[Performer~P21505~Sandor Eles~sandoreles]]), but without a supply of blood, she turns old in a hurry. The real Bathory had no such problems, reportedly slaughtering over 600 young girls before being sealed alive in her room. Pitt and Green are excellent, although director [[Performer~P109925~Peter Sasdy~petersasdy]] -- who helped adapt this story from Valentine Penrose's book [[Feature~V91196~The Bloody Countess~laceremoniasangrienta]] -- moves the story along at a rather leisurely pace. Still, the performances and typically sumptuous "Hammer look" should make this film appealing to fans of historical horror. [[Performer~P18578~Maurice Denham~mauricedenham]], [[Performer~P14181~Patience Collier~patiencecollier]], and [[Performer~P2435~Nike Arrighi~nikearrighi]] co-star. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi


Ingrid Pitt
as Countess Elizabeth Nadasdy
Nigel Green
as Capt. Dobi
Sandor Eles
as Imre Toth
Maurice Denham
as Master Fabio
Lesley-Anne Down
as Ilona
Anne Stallybrass
as Pregnant Woman
Lesley-Anne Down
as Ilona
Joan Haythorne
as Second Cook
Jessie Evans
as Rosa
Marianne Stone
as Kitchen Maid
Maurice Denham
as Master Fabio
Nike Arrighi
as Gypsy
Leon Lissek
as Sergeant
Peter Jeffrey
as Capt. Balogh
Paddy Ryan
as Man
Albert Wilkinson
as Circus Midget


Peter Sasdy
Alexander Paal
Kenneth Talbot
Harry Robinson
Composer (Music Score)
Raymond Hughes
Costume Designer
Bert Luxford
Special Effects