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Improvisational director Robert Altman hadn't yet found his cinematic "voice" when he helmed the conformist, stick-to-the-script Countdown. James Caan is top-billed as a scientist who is chosen over astronaut Robert Duvall for the upcoming NASA moon shot. In their haste to beat the Russians to the moon, the NASA folks have tried to sidestep several safety measures, but doctor Charles Aidman sees to it that every possible precaution is taken. When Caan makes it to the lunar surface, he stumbles upon gruesome evidence that the Russians had sent up a secret expedition themselves--and had fatally ignored all those extra security precautions which he's been subject to. Ted Knight, who received some of his best pre-Ted Knight roles in Altman's TV work, co-stars in Countdown. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


James Caan
as Lee
Joanna Moore
as Mickey
Robert Duvall
as Chiz
Barbara Baxley
as Jean
Charles Aidman
as Gus
Steve Ihnat
as Ross Duellan
Robert Altman
Michael Murphy
as Rick
Ted Knight
as Larson
Charles Irving
as Seidel
Michael Murphy
as Rick
Ted Knight
as Larson


Robert Altman
William Conrad
Loring Mandel
Hank Searls
Book Author
Leonard Rosenman
Composer (Music Score)
Jack Poplin
Art Director
William Conrad
Executive Producer
Jack Poplin
Set Designer