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Cops and Robbers Details


Two lawmen decide to find out if a life of crime pays better in this gritty action comedy. Joe (Joseph Bologna) and Tom (Cliff Gorman) are two friends who work for the New York Police Department, Joe as a beat cop and Tom as a detective. Both of them put their lives on the line every day for low wages in a city that seems to get crazier and more dangerous by the minute. One evening, Joe is on patrol when he stops into a liquor store, draws his gun and demands that the clerk hand over all the cash in the register. Joe walks out with more money than he usually makes in a week, and when he tells Tom what he's done, they agree that as policemen they can go anywhere and do anything, making it a cinch for them to become thieves. After striking a deal with a tough but vain gangster (John P. Ryan), Joe and Tom plan a robbery of a Wall Street securities firm that will net them a million dollars each, enough to get out of the suburbs and live as they please with their families for the rest of their lives. But the big heist takes a turn for the worse when some other criminals happen to hit the same building at the same time the cops are pulling off their robbery. Cops and Robbers was written for the screen by noted crime novelist ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Cliff Gorman
as tom
Joseph Bologna
as Joe
Joe Spinell
as Marty
Frank Gio
as Rocco
Ellen Holly
as Ms. Wells
John Ryan
as Patsy O'Neill (Pasquale Aniello)
Frances Foster
as Black Lady
Delphi Lawrence
as Rich lady
Shepperd Strudwick
as Eastpoole
Charlene Dallas
as Secretary
Dolph Sweet
Cliff Cudney
as Perpetrator
Walter Gorney
as Wino
Dick Ward
as Paul Jones
Nino Ruggeri
as Mr. Joe
Nino Ruggeri
as Bandell
Lucy Martin
as Grace
Randy Jurgensen
as Randy
Jacob Weiner
as Thief
Albert Henderson
as Cop
Gayle Gorman
as Mary


Elliott Kastner
Georges Pappas
Donald E. Westlake
Michel Legrand
Composer (Music Score)
Barry Malkin
Gene Rudolf
Art Director
John Boyt
Costume Designer