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Cool World Details


Four years after [[Feature~V54379~Who Framed Roger Rabbit?~whoframedrogerrabbit]], [[Performer~P80464~Ralph Bakshi~ralphbakshi]] tapped into the live action mixed with cell animated world in this adult-themed production telling the story of an edgy comic book artist who crosses the line into his own cartoon universe. The story begins with a prologue in postwar Las Vegas, where Vegas cop Frank Harris ([[Performer~P56988~Brad Pitt~bradpitt]]) is catapulted into the cartoon Cool World after crashing his motorcycle. The Cool World is a jive-animated parallel dimension created by animator Jack Deebs ([[Performer~P10031~Gabriel Byrne~gabrielbyrne]]). Among Jack's many creations is the knock-out broad Holli Would ([[Performer~P4427~Kim Basinger~kimbasinger]]). Holli wants to become human -- or a "noid" in Cool World parlance. So, she compels Jack to fall into his own cartoon void where her attempts to seduce him could have grave consequences for both the animated and the "real" world. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:July 10, 1992


Kim Basinger
as Holli Would
Gabriel Byrne
as Jack Deebs
Brad Pitt
as Frank Harris
Michele Abrams
as Jennifer O'Malley
Deirdre O'Connell
as Isabelle O'Malley
Carrie Hamilton
as Comic Bookstore Cashier
Charlie Adler
as Nails
Maurice LaMarche
as Mash
Candi Milo
as Bob
Michael David Lally
as Sparks
Joey Camen
as Interrogator
Greg Snegoff
as Bash
Frank Sinatra, Jr.
as Himself
Paul Ben-Victor
as Valet
Gary Friedkin
as Animation Performance Model - Mash
Shani Ginsberg
Lamont Jackson
as Lucky's Bouncer
Patrick Pinney
as Bouncer
Greg Collins
as Cop
Carrie Frazier
William Frankfather
as Cop
Big Yank
as Plaza Bouncer
Clare Hoak
as Animation Performance Model - Lonette


Ralph Bakshi
Frank Mancuso, Jr.
Michael Grais
Mark Victor
Larry Gross
John A. Alonzo
Mark Isham
Composer (Music Score)
James Thornton
Musical Direction/Supervision
Annamaria Szanto
Steve Mirkovich
Michael Corenblith
Production Designer
David J. Bomba
Art Director
Vikki Williams
Associate Producer
Lori Rowbotham
Set Designer
Merideth Boswell
Set Designer
Malissa Daniel
Costume Designer