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Good gorillas meet bad gorillas while human beings search for treasure in this jungle advnture saga. R.B. Travis (Joe Don Baker) is the ruthless head of Travi-Com, a telecommunications firm on the cusp of a major breakthrough in laser communications technology. However, Travis needs diamonds to finish the project, so he sends a group of men to Zaire, where he's told that a large supply of the gems can be easily found. When the men go missing, Travis sends his trusted assistant Karen Ross (Laura Linney), a one-time CIA associate, into the jungle to find both his staff and the jewels. Hoping to keep her mission a secret, Karen travels to Zaire in the company of Peter (Dylan Walsh), a researcher on primate development who is hoping to return Amy, a gorilla who has been taught sign language and can "speak" English with the help of a glove-controlled computer device. Also travelling with them is Herkermer (Tim Curry), a Romanian with a secret agenda: he's convinced that Amy can guide him to the Lost City of Zinj, where he believes that King Solomon's Mines are located. Upon arrival, the group is met by Monroe Kelly (Ernie Hudson), a self-described "great white hunter who happens to be black," and they discover that the jungle holds a menace that they weren't counting on: a tribe of bloodthirsty gray gorillas. Congo was based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Michael Crichton. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Dylan Walsh
as Peter Elliot
Laura Linney
as Dr. Karen Ross
Ernie Hudson
as Monroe Kelly
Tim Curry
as Herkermer Homolka
Grant Heslov
as Richard
Joe Don Baker
as R.B. Travis
James Karen
as College President
Joe Pantoliano
Stuart Pankin
as Boyd
Peter Elliott
as Gorilla
Carolyn Seymour
as Eleanor Romy
Nicholas Kadi
as Gorilla
Thom Barry
as Samahani
Bruce Campbell
as Charles Travis
Romy Rosemont
as Eleanor Romy's Assistant
Philip Tan
as Gorilla
James Paradise
as Transport Worker
Jimmy Buffett
as 727 pilot
Joel Weiss
as Travicom Employee
Peter Jason
as Mr Janus
Taylor Nichols
as Jeffrey Weems
Mary Ellen Trainor
as Moira
John Hawkes
as Bob Driscol
David Anthony
as Gorilla


Frank Marshall
Kathleen Kennedy
Sam Mercer
John Patrick Shanley
Michael Crichton
Book Author
Allen Daviau
Jerry Goldsmith
Composer (Music Score)
Anne V. Coates
J. Michael Riva
Production Designer
Richard Holland
Art Director
Paul Deason
Associate Producer
Michael Backes
Associate Producer
Frank Marshall
Executive Producer
Frank Yablans
Executive Producer
Lisa Fischer
Set Designer
Ronald Judkins
Set Designer
Marilyn Matthews
Costume Designer
Sam Winston
Special Effects
Mark Cotone
First Assistant Director
Katterli A. Frauenfelder
First Assistant Director
Michael Lantieri
Tom C. Peitzman
Scott Farrar
Robert "Bobby Z" Zajonc
Mike Fenton
Allison Cowitt
Robert "Bobby Z" Zajonc