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Confessions of a Nazi Spy Details


Bold for its time (just prior to World War II), Confessions of a Nazi Spy is an expose of a genuine Nazi espionage ring operating in the United States. Dedicated National Socialist Paul Lukas arrives in America to conduct Bund rallies and enlist German-Americans in the service of Hitler. His rabble-rousing speeches inspire a blue collar worker (Francis Lederer) to join a Bund, and then participate in spy activities. FBI agent Edward G. Robinson is assigned to investigate. Extracting a confession from the not-too-bright Lederer, Robinson traces the espionage activities to Lukas. The Nazi official's notoriety and his undesirability as a security risk compels the German secret police to kidnap Lukas and spirit him back to the Fatherland, presumably to face liquidation. The spy ring is rounded up, but Robinson realizes that this is only the beginning. Confessions of a Nazi Spy may seem dated today, but in 1939 it packed a real wallop, especially since most filmmakers of that era chose to ignore the Nazis lest they lose the valuable European market. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Awarded by
National Board of Review Francis Lederer Best Acting 1939 Winner
National Board of Review Paul Lukas Best Acting 1939 Winner


Edward G. Robinson
as Ed Renard
Francis Lederer
as Schneider
George Sanders
as Schlager
Paul Lukas
as Dr. Kassel
Henry O'Neill
as D.A. Kellogg
Lya Lys
as Erika Wolff
Grace Stafford
as Mrs. Schneider
James Stephenson
as Scotland Yard Official
Sig Rumann
as Krogman
Frederic Tozere
as Phillips
Dorothy Tree
as Hilda
William Von Brincken
as Capt. Vonn Eichen
Egon Brecher
as Nazi Spy
Emmett Vogan
as Hotel Desk Clerk
Frederick Burton
as US District Court Judge
Will Kaufman
as Gruetzwald
Lucien Prival
as Kranz
Eily Malyon
as Mrs. MacLaughlin
Ward Bond
as American Legionnaire
Jack Mower
as McDonald
Alec Craig
as Postman
Henry Victor
as Helldorf
Martin Kosleck
as Josef Goebbels
Robert Emmett Keane
as Harrison
Edward Keane
as FBI Agent
Joe Sawyer
as Renz
John Deering
as Narrator
Charles Trowbridge
as US Intelligence Official
Charles Sherlock
as Young
Selmar Jackson
as Customs Agent
John Ridgely
as Army Hospital Clerk
Fredrik Vogeding
as Capt. Richter
Frank Mayo
as Staunton
Lon McCallister
George Rosener
as Klauber
Lionel Royce
as Hintze


Anatole Litvak
Robert Lord
Milton Krims
John Wexley
Sol Polito
Max Steiner
Composer (Music Score)
Owen Marks