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The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes Details


This film is another Disney comedy romp that takes place at the ubiquitous Medfield College. The plot kicks in when an interview, in which Professor Quigley (William Schallert) is denied a much-needed computer by apoplectic college president Dean Higgins (Joe Flynn), is broadcast to a student assembly. In order to help Quigley, the students convince rich college benefactor A.J. Arno (Cesar Romero) to donate a computer to the school instead of his usual 20,000-dollar contribution. Dexter (Kurt Russell), the student leader, attempts to repair the computer, but the machine is struck by lightning and transforms Dexter into a human being with the hard drive of the computer. Since the computer's memory is now in Dexter's brain, he now has information on his human memory chip about Arno's illegal gambling operations. When Dean Higgins puts Dexter on a televised competition for a prize of 100,000 dollars to benefit the college, every time the word "applejack" comes up during the game show, it triggers Dexter to regurgitate a rundown of Arno's illegal activities. In order to stop Dexter from exposing him, Arno kidnaps Dexter and hides him at his country estate. Dressing up as housepainters, Dexter's classmates come to Arno's mansion to rescue him. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi


Kurt Russell
as Dexter
Cesar Romero
as A.J. Arno
Joe Flynn
as Dean Higgins
William Schallert
as Prof. Quigley
Alan Hewitt
as Dean Collingswood
Richard Bakalyan
as Chillie Walsh
Frank Welker
as Henry
Bing Russell
as Angelo
Fritz Feld
as Sigmund Van Dyke
Howard Culver
as Moderator
Fabian Dean
as Little Mac
Jon Provost
as Bradley
Debbie Paine
as Annie
Michael McGreevey
as Schuyler
Pat Harrington, Jr.
as Moderator


Robert Butler
Cotton Warburton
Emile Kuri
Set Designer
Chuck Keehne
Costume Designer
Emily Sundby
Costume Designer
Eustace Lycett
Special Effects