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The Communists Are Comfortable (And Three Other Stories) Details


This is an undistinguished, avant-garde film by director, editor, and narrator Ken Kobland that may confuse most viewers at best, and turn off others at worst. Ostensibly expressing a post-liberal depression, there is long monolog of an apparently disillusioned worker and some polemics written across the screen, as well as spoken, that are depressing indeed. Kobland throws in long takes of frying an egg or moving through an apartment, or the studied introduction of an orchestra as it is tuning up with the screen blank. Do other sequences, such as the sound of someone urinating or the view of a young man picking at his pimples in deep concentration, also represent a post-liberal funk? When the clips from Citizen Kane and footage of bombings and atrocities in World War II are added in, most viewers will indeed leave puzzled by it all. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi