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Combat Shock Details


This violent film follows the miserable life of a miserable Vietnam vet as it goes from awful, to disgusting, to almost ludicrous (the life and the film). First the vet helps slaughter the inhabitants of a village during the war and then he is captured and tortured for two years. After that scenario, he winds up in a low-life neighborhood in New York owing drug money, saddled with a chunky, nagging, ugly wife and a little baby who inherited his mother's genes. One gory scene follows another until the climax which is meant to be the shocker that caps it all. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

  • Release date:October 17, 1986


Mitch Maglio
as Paco the Gang Leader
Aspah Livni
as Labo the Gang Leader
Nick Nasta
as Morbe the Gang Leader
Nancy Zawada
as Girl on Motorcycle
Janet Ramage
as Prostitute
Jim Cooney
as Interrogating GI
Leo Lunney
as Frankie's Father
Lori Labar
as Prostitute
Martin Blank
as Doctor
Mary Cristadoro
as Mary the Mugging Victim
Melissa Tait
as Young Prostitute
Ray Pinero
as Welfare Worker
Shinri Saito
as Vietnamese Man with Pliers
Stacy Tait
as Young Prostitute
Veronica Stork
as Cathy Dunlan
Vinnie Petrizzo
as Bum in garbage
Yon Lai
as Viet Soldier with Rifle
Bob Mireau
as Security Guard
Brendan Tesoriero
as Weird Guy in Unemployment line
Carmine Giovinazzo
as Medical Attendant
Clare Harnedy
as Nurse
Collette Geraci
as Prostitute
Dean Mercil
as Passerby
Doo Kim
as Vietnamese man
Eddie Pepitone
as Strung Out Junkie in Station
Ginny Cattano
as Vietnamese Woman


Buddy Giovinazzo
Buddy Giovinazzo
Buddy Giovinazzo
Stella Varveris
Buddy Giovinazzo
Michael Herz
Executive Producer
Lloyd Kaufman
Executive Producer
Ed Varuolo
Special Effects
Jeff Matthes
Makeup Special Effects