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Colonel Redl Details


The second film in the trilogy made by director Istvan Szabo and actor Klaus Maria Brandauer -- hammocked between Klaus Maria Brandauer and Klaus Maria Brandauer -- Colonel Redl continues Klaus Maria Brandauer's fascination with a man overwhelmed by history. In that film, Brandauer played an actor who tried to ignore the rise of the Third Reich, and here he's an ambitious military officer in pre-World War I Austria whose career path is set early on. In military school, he's forced to inform on a student who's the source of a practical joke; though he beats himself up for being a Judas, he soon realizes that to rise in the ranks he must overcome his peasant background and hide his homosexuality by ingratiating himself with his superiors. In time, he becomes Chief of Military Intelligence for the Austro-Hungarian empire. Though he professes to hate politics and politicians, Redl also can't avoid them. When the leader for whom Redl is supposedly spying among the officer corps, draws up a list of who can't be exposed for traitorous activities (including Austrian nobles, Hungarians, Czechs, Serbs, Croatians, and even the usual scapegoats, Jews -- the aftershocks of the Dreyfuss affair are still rumbling), he tells Redl that he must find a double of himself, a Ukrainian. Now certain that he will be exposed, Redl surrenders to fate, quoting to his wife from Montaigne: "It's no sin to be involved. It's a sin to remain involved." Brandauer is a wonder as the self-loathing Redl, and Szabo's camera picks up every nuance on his expressive face. The film eschews music except for several party scenes, and the absence of a score is most effective in the final shots of Redl's fellow officers awaiting his fate. ~ Tom Wiener, Rovi


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences István Szabó Best Foreign Language Film 1985 Nominee


Klaus Maria Brandauer
as Alfred Redl
Hans-Christian Blech
as Col. von Roden
Gudrun Landgrebe
as Katalin Kubinyi
Dorottya Udvaros
as Clarissa, Redl's Wife
Athena Papadimitriou
as Female Singer
Andras Balint
as Dr. Gustav Sonnenschein
Karoly Eperjes
as Lt. Jaromil Schorm
Laszlo Mensaros
as Col. Ruzitska
Tamas Major
as Grandfather Kubinyi
Gyorgy Banffy
as Adjutant to Crown Prince
Armin Mueller-Stahl
as Archduke Ferdinand
Gyorgy Racz
as Kristof Kubinyi as a Child
Gabor Svidrony
as Alfred Redl as a Child
Maria Majlath
as Grandmother Kubinyi
Istvan Verebes
as Auctioneer
Eva Szabo
as Redl's Mother
Flora Kadar
as Redl's Sister
Dora Lendvai
as Katalin Kubinyi as a Child
Jan Niklas
as Kristof Kubinyi


István Szabó
Manfred Durniok
István Szabó
Péter Dobai
John Osborne
Play Author
Lajos Koltai
Franz Liszt
Featured Music
Robert Schumann
Featured Music
Zdenko Tamassy
Composer (Music Score)
Zdenko Tamassy
Musical Direction/Supervision
Zsuzsa Csakany
Jozsef Romvari
Production Designer
Tibor Szollar
Art Director
Jozsef Romvari
Set Designer
Peter Pabst
Costume Designer
Janos Nemeth