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Those who only know Pat O'Brien from his later, slightly more avuncular roles may be surprised to see him pumping out almost as much energy as his friend (and sometime co-star) James Cagney, in the lead and title role of College Coach. As James Gore, the head football coach for Calvert College, he leads his team to victory at any cost, including fair-play, decent (if not good) sportsmanship, and honesty -- he's even got his hooks into the financial end of a stadium deal. But all isn't well with those around Gore -- his best and most honorable player, Sargeant (Dick Powell, really wants to get an education while playing college ball, and finally backs out when he sees the hypocrisy around him; and his other top player, Weaver (Lyle Talbott), is a self-centered headline hound with an IQ in low double-digits who is a detriment to the team whenever he isn't scoring touchdowns. And his work seems to be unraveling when his tactics bring about a tragedy on the playing field. But it's when he discovers that his own wife (Ann Dvorak) is feeling so neglected that she's been pushed toward infidelity -- with Weaver -- that he realizes he's gone too far. With Calvert College about to lose much of what it stands for academically over the collapse of its football team, help comes from unexpected places, including a wife who still loves him and the one player Gore had who is smart enough to see the bigger picture. ~ Bruce Eder, Rovi


Dick Powell
as Phil Sargent
Pat O'Brien
as Coach Gore
Ann Dvorak
as Claire Gore
Arthur Byron
as Dr. Phillip Sargent
Lyle Talbot
as Buck Weaver
Hugh Herbert
as Barnett
Donald Meek
as Spencer Trask
John Wayne
as Football Player
Phillip Reed
as Westerman
Nat Pendleton
as Terowski
Ward Bond
as Football Player
Joseph Sauer
as Holcomb
Charles Wilson
as Hauser
Arthur Hohl
as Seymour Young
Herman Bing
as Glantz
Berton Churchill
as Otis


William Wellman
Robert Lord
Manuel Seff
Niven Busch
Arthur Todd
Thomas Pratt
Jack Okey
Art Director