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Dealing with love and your friends' problems is tough enough for any young person -- imagine how much harder it is when you're a vampire! As a teenager, Vicktoria (Marisa Ryan) was fascinated by gothic horror tales and vampire legends, so when she was confronted by a real vampire, she was more than willing to join the legions of the undead. However, ten years later Vicktoria has come to realize that there's little romance or glamour in the life of a bloodsucker. She's fallen in with a group of young vampires who spend their summers in a resort town near the ocean, knowing that the tourists they attack won't be readily missed for a while. Vicktoria's best friends are Alicia (Amy Jo Johnson), a vampire with a sort of "eating disorder" who can't bring herself to drink the blood she needs to survive, and the street-smart Darius (Jon Huertas). Vicktoria meets Seth (Robert Floyd), a mysterious stranger who dresses in black, and she finds herself becoming infatuated with him, to the annoyance of Charles (Christopher Weihl), Vicktoria's former boyfriend and leader of the local undead community, who thinks that this new guy in town is up to no good. Cold Hearts marked the directorial debut for Robert Masciantonio, who also works as a radio personality in Philadelphia under the name "Roger Rogier." ~ Mark Deming, Rovi