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Coast to Coast Details


This comedy concerns two buddies trying to make a go of it. Ritchie Lee (Lenny Henry) is the owner of an ice cream van that serves as a place to store his disco equipment, used to play music for parties and other events. John Carloff (John Shea) is an American soldier who is AWOL from a U.S. military base in England. When John arrives in Liverpool and meets Ritchie, the two team up, their bond fostered by John's good collection of Motown sounds. After a few misadventures, the ice cream truck breaks down, and when they take it in to be fixed, the crook who sold it to Ritchie stashes some counterfeiting plates inside. As soon as the van is up and running, the protagonists are chased across England by two nasty killers who want those plates. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi


Lenny Henry
as Ritchie Lee
John Shea
as John Carloff
George Baker
as Greaves
Peter Vaughan
as Chiropodist
Cherie Lunghi
as Susan
Al Matthews
as Curtis Duchamps


Graham Benson