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Cloak and Dagger Details


Inspired by actual events, was first major "atomic power" melodrama of the postwar era. Gary Cooper stars as bookish physics professor Alvah Jesper, a character obviously based on A-bomb codeveloper J. Robert Oppenheimer. Pressed into service by the OSS in the last months of WW2, Jasper is sent to Europe in search of Dr. Polda (Vladimir Sokoloff), an atomic scientist held captive by the Nazis. In Switzerland, Jesper quickly runs afoul of enemy spies who murder the only person to know Polda's whereabouts. Moving on to Italy, he links up with the partisans, falling in love with gorgeous resistance fighter Gina (Lilli Palmer). Adopting a disguise, Jesper finally locates Polda and spends the last few reels in a desperate dash to freedom. Screenwriters Albert Maltz and Ring Lardner Jr. had originally intended as a warning to a complacent America. Director Fritz Lang recalled in later years that, as conceived and filmed, the ending was to have occured after Jesper and a group of Allied soldiers stumbled upon the ruins of a secret Nazi A-bomb factory, as well as evidence that the German scientists had fled to parts unknown with their atomic secrets intact. "It's day one of the Atomic Age", Jesper was to have noted ruefully, "And God help us if we think we can keep it a secret much longer." This lengthy coda was removed from the final release print, transforming a thought-provoking drama into a mere romantic thriller. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Gary Cooper
as Prof. Alvah Jasper
Lilli Palmer
as Gina
Robert Alda
as Pinkie
Vladimir Sokoloff
as Dr. Polda
J. Edward Bromberg
as Trenk
Ludwig Stossel
as German
Helene Thimig
as Katerin Loder
Dan Seymour
as Marsoli
Marc Lawrence
as Luigi
James Flavin
as Col. Walsh
Pat O'Moore
as Englishman
Leon Lenoir
as Italian Soldier
Frank Wilcox
as American Officer
Don Turner
as Lingg
Douglas Walton
as British Pilot
Lotte Stein
as Nurse
Lillian Nicholson
as Nun
Holmes Herbert
as British Officer
Elvira Curci
as Woman in Street
Eddie Dunn
as Radio Operator
Eddie Parker
as Gestapo
Arno Frey
as German Soldier
Yola D'Avril
as Nurse
Gil Perkins
as Gestapo
Rory Mallinson
as Paul
Claire Du Brey
as Nurse
Peter Michael
as German Agent
Otto Reichow
as German Soldier
Ross Ford
as Paratrooper
Robert Coote
as Cronin


Fritz Lang
Milton Sperling
Ring Lardner, Jr.
Boris Ingster
Screen Story
Sol Polito
Max Steiner
Composer (Music Score)
Leo F. Forbstein
Musical Direction/Supervision
Christian Nyby
Max Parker
Art Director
Edwin DuPar
Special Effects
Russell Saunders
First Assistant Director
Perc Westmore