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Clawed: The Legend of Sasquatch Details


In the tradition of such drive-in classics as Demonwarp and The Legend of Boggy Creek comes the grisly supernatural horror opus Clawed: The Legend of Sasquatch. Jack Conley, Miles O'Keefe, Michael Bailey Smith and Brandon Henschel star in this story of Pine Creek, a town where generations have felt themselves robbed of hope - and glancing nervously over one shoulder - since the infamous Echo Mountain Massacre, a black mark on the town's history, wherein a group of local hunters were mercilessly butchered by a massive, hairy beast comparable to the ancient Indian tales of the Yeti. Many come to doubt the story, and even attempt to dismiss it in their minds as a grizzly bear attack - until the creature resurfaces in the flesh and, refusing to be brushed aside, begins a new rampage that carries the town into a waking nightmare. Now, a pack of thrill-hungry, heat-packing high school students and vengeance-obsessed hunters set out in search of the creature, to bring it home on a slab once and for all. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi


Karl Kozak
Karl Kozak
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