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Class Action Details


A pair of lawyers must balance their professional principles (such as they are) against family loyalties in this courtroom drama. Jedediah Ward (Gene Hackman) is a leftist lawyer who has based his career on helping people avoid being taken for a ride by the rich and powerful; he's pursued principle at the expense of profit, though he has a bad habit of not following up on his clients after their cases are settled. Jed's daughter, Maggie (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio), has had a bad relationship with her father ever since she discovered that he was cheating on her mother, and while she also has made a career in law, she has taken a very different professional route by working for a high-powered corporate law firm and has adopted a conservative political agenda. Jed is hired to help field a lawsuit against a major auto manufacturer whose station wagons have a dangerous propensity to explode on impact, but while his research indicates he has an all but airtight case against them, the case becomes more complicated for him when he discovers that Maggie is representing the firm he's suing. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:March 15, 1991


Gene Hackman
as Jedediah Tucker Ward
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
as Maggie Ward
Colin Friels
as Michael Grazier
Joanna Merlin
as Estelle Ward
Laurence Fishburne
as Nick Holbrook
Donald Moffat
as Quinn
Jan Rubes
as Pavel
Fred Dalton Thompson
as Doctor Getchell
Jonathan Silverman
as Brian
Tim Hopper
as Howie
Joan McMurtrey
as Ann
Victor Talmadge
as Bernstein
Richard Zitrin
as Prosecutor
James Van Harper
as Janitor
Abigail van Alyn
as Judge Ormsby
Matt Clark
as Judge Symes
Ken Grantham
as Anthony Patricola
Hajna O. Moss
as Laura Hollbrook
Linda Lowy
David Byron
as Carl
Davia Nelson
Lora Kennedy
Anne Ramsay
as Deborah
Elizabeth Monti
as Clerk
Renn Reynolds
as Bartender at Bix
Carolyn Shelby
as Woman Lawyer
Gretchen Grant
as Party Goer
Greg Goossen
as Bartender at Rosatti's
Wood Moy
as Mr. Minh
Dan Hicks


Michael Apted
Robert W. Cort
Ted Field
Samantha Shad
Christopher Ames
Carolyn Shelby
Conrad L. Hall
James Horner
Composer (Music Score)
Ian Crafford
Todd Hallowell
Production Designer
Mark Billerman
Art Director
Carolyn Shelby
Christopher Ames
Kim Kurumada
Associate Producer
Daniel May
Set Designer
Rita Ryack
Costume Designer