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City of Industry Details


Betrayal and revenge are the key ingredients of this violent, streetwise crime drama. Roy Egan (Harvey Keitel) was once a highly successful thief but has gotten out of the business and now leads a quiet life in the Midwest. He's lured out of retirement by his brother, Lee (Timothy Hutton); Lee figures that he's come to the end of his rope as a small-time thief and wants to pull one last job that will earn him a healthy score. Lee and Roy devise a plan to knock over a jewelry store in Palm Springs and bring along two helpers, even-tempered family man Jorge (Wade Dominguez) and hot-headed driver Skip (Stephen Dorff). The heist goes like clockwork, but afterward Skip turns on his partners and kills Lee and Jorge. Roy is able to escape and swears to avenge his brother's death with the help of Jorge's wife Rachel (Famke Janssen). City of Industry was the debut feature for writer/producer Ken Solarz. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Harvey Keitel
as Roy Egan
Stephen Dorff
as Skip Kovic
Famke Janssen
as Rachel
Timothy Hutton
as Lee Egan
Wade Dominguez
as Jorge Montana
Michael Jai White
as Odell
Jonathan Schmock
as Jewelry Manager
Tim Rigby
as Bodyguard
Lucy Liu
as Cathi Rose
Reno Wilson
as Keshaun Brown
Brian Brophy
as Backus
Dana Barron
as Gena
Ai Wan
as Gwen
Eddie Yansick
as Bodyguard
Brian Habicht
as Phone Company Employee
Vien Hong
as Gingerhead
Elliott Gould
as Gangster
François Chau
as Uncle Luke
John Koyama
as Two Gun
Jane Crawley
as Waitress
Leo Lee
as Redman
Stuart Quan
as Onion Head
Andrew Markell
as Kangol
Cyrus Farmer
as Steady
Raymond Ma
as Paradise Hotel Clerk
Elisa Ruiz
as Henry Montana
Fred Lerner
as Security Guard
Tamara Clatterbuck
as Sunny
Evzen Kolar
as Droutzkoy
Philip Tan
as Jimmie
Brian Imada
as Sweet Plum


John Irvin
Ken Solarz
Evzen Kolar
Ken Solarz
Thomas Burstyn
Stephen Endelman
Mark Conte
Michael Novotny
Production Designer
Matthew Gayne
Barr Potter
Executive Producer
Eduardo Castro
Costume Designer
Joe Lombardi
Special Effects
Janeen Schreyer