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Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice Details


The once-homicidal youths of Gatlin, Nebraska are back, transported to a nearby town to be re-integrated into society (they have no recollection of the massacre from the previous film). In no time at all they succumb once again to the devilish influence of a young leader (Ryan Bollman), who organizes them to take murderous action against suspicious adults; those who stumble too close to their secret become blood sacrifices to "He Who Walks Behind The Rows." The scenario of the first film is recreated here -- albeit with slight variations and more imaginative death scenes -- with little explanation given regarding the true source of the kids' demonic power. Followed by even more sequels. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi


Terence Knox
as John Garrett
Paul Scherrer
as Danny Garrett
Ryan Bollman
as Micah
Christie Clark
as Lacey
Rosalind Allen
as Angela Casual
Ned Romero
as Dr. Frank Red Bear
Marty Terry
as Mrs. West
Joe Inscoe
as Simpson
Ed Grady
as Dr. Appleby
Wallace Merck
as Sheriff Blaine
Geno Havens
John Bennes
as Hollings
Ted Travelstead
as Mordechai
Matthew Hunter
as Dead Guy
Aubrey Dollar
as Naomi
Matthew Hunter
as Dead Guy
John Bennes
as Hollings
Ted Travelstead
as Mordechai


Lawrence Mortorff
Stephen King
Screen Story
Bill Froehlich
Gilbert Adler
Levie Isaacks
Daniel Licht
Composer (Music Score)
Barry Zetlin
Gregory Melton
Production Designer
Bill Froehlich
Lawrence Mortorff
Executive Producer
Geno Havens
Phil Smoot
Production Manager
Bob Keen
Makeup Special Effects