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Chicago Joe and the Showgirl Details


Director Bernard Rose and screenwriter David Yallop were inspired by the real-life Hulten/Jones murder case of 1944, famously known as The Cleft Chin Murder Case, after a London cabbie was found murdered. It was a sensation in England, where American soldier Karl Hulten and British showgirl Elizabeth Maud Jones became household names -- even beating out news of the war. In the film, Karl Hulten (Kiefer Sutherland), is an American GI who is stalking the black market of London after stealing an army truck and going AWOL. There he meets up with Betty Jones (Emily Lloyd), a stripper with a deluded fantasy world view formed by watching a steady stream of Hollywood film noir and gangster pictures. Seeing Karl, who claims he is Chicago Joe doing advance work in London for encroaching Chicago gangsters, Betty takes the opportunity to set her fantasies to life as she connives Karl into a crime spree of petty crimes. With luck on their side, the spree keeps escalating, until Betty urges Karl to commit the ultimate crime -- murder. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:July 27, 1990


Emily Lloyd
as Betty Jones
Kiefer Sutherland
as Karl Hulten/"Ricky Allen"
Patsy Kensit
as Joyce Cook
Keith Allen
as Lenny Bexley
Liz Fraser
as Mrs. Evans
Alexandra Pigg
as Violet
Ralph Nossek
as Inspector Tansil
Colin Bruce
as Robert DeMott
Roger Ashton-Griffiths
as Inspector Tarr
John Junkin
as George Heath
John Lahr
as Radio Commentator
Karen Gledhill
as 4th Reporter
Harry Jones
as Taxi Driver
Leo Davis
John Surman
as Mr. Cook
Niven Boyd
as Reporter
Janet Dale
as Mrs. Cook
Gary Parker
as 3rd Reporter
Richard Ireson
as 1st Reporter
Malcolm Terris
as 2nd Reporter
John Dair
as John
Angela Morant
as Customer
John Lyons
Gerard Horan
as John Wilkins
Hugh Millais
as US Colonel


Bernard Rose
Tim Bevan
David Yallop
Mike Southon
Mitchell Parish
Gerry Butler
Musical Direction/Supervision
Shirley Walker
Composer (Music Score)
Glenn Miller
Featured Music
Hans Zimmer
Composer (Music Score)
Dan Rae
Gemma Jackson
Production Designer
Richard Holland
Art Director
Peter Russell
Art Director
Jane Frazer
Associate Producer
Lia Cramer
Set Designer
Bob Ringwood
Costume Designer
Gareth Milne
Warren Heyes
Leo Davis
Alan Boyle
Louis Prima
Musical Performer