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The Charge of the Light Brigade Details


During the ill-fated charge of British troops at Balaclava in the Crimean War, loyal soldiers who blindly followed orders were led to certain death. This is the fifth time the story has been told on film, but the actual event is an afterthought to the main plot. Snobbish aristocrats and ineffectual politicos combine with pompous blue-bloods to make decisions affecting 600 men thousands of miles away. A decidedly anti-war and satirical slant is presented, as inept generals stand knee-deep in bodies, each blaming the other for the fiasco. Vividly underscored here is the fanaticism, dedication, and blind loyalty which caused the total annihilation of hundreds of soldiers. This 5-million-dollar epic film recouped only 1 million after the initial release, leaving critics to compare the real-life disaster with the financial one suffered by the producers. Trevor Howard, John Gielgud and Vanessa Redgrave head the excellent cast. ~ Dan Pavlides, Rovi


Trevor Howard
as Lord Cardigan
Vanessa Redgrave
as Clarissa
John Gielgud
as Lord Raglan
Harry Andrews
as Lord Lucan
Jill Bennett
as Mrs. Duberly
David Hemmings
as Capt. Nolan
Mark Burns
as Capt. Morris
Willoughby Goddard
as Squire
T.P. McKenna
as Russell
Norman Rossington
as Corbett
Ben Aris
as Maxse
Leo Britt
as Scarlett
Helen Cherry
as Lady Scarlett
Peter Woodthorpe
as Valet
Valerie Newman
as Mrs. Mitchell
Andrew Faulds
as Quaker Preacher
Alan Dobie
as Mogg
Declan Mulholland
as Farrier
Colin Vancao
as Capt. Charteris
Roger Mutton
as Codrington
Natasha Richardson
Christopher Chittell
Ambrose Coghill
as Douglas
Howard Marion-Crawford
as Sir George Brown
John Trenaman
as Sgt. Smith
Georges Douking
as St. Amaud
John Hallam
as Officer
Corin Redgrave
as Featherstonehaugh
Clive Endersby
Donald Wolfit
as "Macbeth"
Barbara Hicks
as Mrs. Duberly's Maid
Dino Shafeek
as Indian Servant


Tony Richardson
Neil Hartley
David Watkin
John Addison
Composer (Music Score)
Kevin Brownlow
Hugh Raggett
Peter Handford
Sound/Sound Designer
Vic Armstrong