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Four educators muddle through another year at a typical American high school in this mockumentary comedy. Mr. Lowery (Troy Schremmer), Mr. Stroope (Chris Mass), and Coach Webb (Janelle Schremmer) are three teachers doling out knowledge at a high school in Austin, TX. Mr. Lowery is new to teaching, and has to deal with his own inexperience as well as a decided lack of enthusiasm for history among his students; it doesn't help Lowery that the kids quickly learn how to push his buttons. Mr. Stroope has been on the faculty for three years, and is zealously campaigning for the honor of "Teacher of the Year." Stroope has enlisted his students to help him win the prize, even though they seem less than impressed with his academic abilities. Coach Webb teaches Girl's Gym, and despite her short hair and severe manner, she frequently and enthusiastically insists that she's heterosexual. Webb also insists on following the school's regulations to the letter, and has unusual ideas about how to make Gym seem hip and fun for her charges. Meanwhile, Mrs. Reddell (Shannon Haragan) has recently been promoted from the teaching staff to her new position as assistant principal, which has put a tremendous strain on her friendship with her colleagues, especially Webb. Chalk received the Grand Jury Award for Best Narrative Feature at the Independent Film Festival of Boston. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:May 11, 2007


Troy Schremmer
as Mr. Lowery
Janelle Schremmer
as Coach Webb
Shannon Haragan
as Mrs. Reddell
Chris Mass
as Mr. Stroope
Jerry Jarmon
as Mr. Jarmon
Kaytea Brock
as Miss Brock
Dan Eggleston
as Mr. Eggleston
Glen Lewis
as Coach Lewis
Jacqueline Seaborn
as Mrs. Townsend


Mike Akel
Mike Akel
Angela Álvarez
Graham Davidson
Chris Mass
Mike Akel
Steven Schaefer
Chris Jagich
Composer (Music Score)
Bob Perkins
Mark Harkrider
Associate Producer
Morgan Spurlock
Executive Producer
Joseph Amodei
Executive Producer
Michael J. McAlister
Executive Producer
Graham Davidson
Sound/Sound Designer
Angela Álvarez
First Assistant Director