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C'etait le 12 du 12 et Chili avait les blues Details


This French-Canadian drama takes place just after JFK's assassination and provides insight into the psychological ramifications of that event with its portrayal of a love story between a confused teen and a travelling salesman in a Quebec railroad station. The date is Dec. 19, 1963 and train service has been delayed by a snow storm. Pierre-Paul is a door-to-door salesman. Chili is a despondent teenaged girl. When Pierre-Paul enters a washroom stall he is surprised to find a girl hunched over with a gun in her mouth. He runs to tell the stationmaster, but she has gone by the time they return. He tells the stationmaster that the girl was wearing a kilt. Unfortunately, the station is filled with other school girls dressed in the same outfit. Eventually Chili comes up to Pierre-Paul and a careful romance is initiated as she tells him over her troubled life. They eventually have sex, but immediately afterward she claims that she wasn't the girl in the stall. The truth comes out at the picture's end. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi


Charles Biname
Madeleine Henrie
Louise Gendron
Jose Frechette
Pierre Mignot
Marcel Pothier
Musical Direction/Supervision
Claude La Haye
Musical Direction/Supervision
Richard Gregoire
Composer (Music Score)
Gaetan Huot
François Séguin
Art Director
Renee April
Costume Designer