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Ceiling Zero Details


Ceiling Zero is an adaptation of the Broadway play by Frank "Spig" Wead. James Cagney and Pat O'Brien are supremely typecast as, respectively, Dizzy Davis, a cocky civil aviator and Jake Lee, a sober-sided ground commander. Dizzy ducks out of a dangerous mission in order to dally with pretty Tommy Thomas (June Travis). Texas Clark (Stuart Erwin) takes Dizzy's place, and the unpolished young pilot dies in a fiery wreck. Disgraced in the eyes of his co-workers after Clark's death, Dizzy redeems himself by taking a crucial test flight in fog-laden "ceiling zero." Dizzy dies a hero, leaving behind his pal Jake to deliver the eulogy. Isabel Jewell co-stars as Clark's wife, given yet another opportunity to shake the rafters with her emotionally supercharged acting. Ceiling Zero was remade in a wartime setting as Isabel Jewell (1940). ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


James Cagney
as Dizzy Davis
Pat O'Brien
as Jake Lee
June Travis
as Tommy Thomas
Stuart Erwin
as Texas Clark
Barton MacLane
as Al Stone
Isabel Jewell
as Lou Clark
Dick Purcell
as Smiley Johnson
Addison Richards
as Fred Adams
Edward Gargan
as Doc Wilson
Robert Light
as Les Bogan
James Bush
as Buzz Gordon
Pat West
as Baldy Wright
Mathilde Comont
as Mama Gini
Carolyn Hughes
as Birdie
Garry Owen
as Mike Owens
Paul Mantz
as Stunt Flier
Francis McDonald
as Office Worker
Jerry Jerome
as Mechanic
William "Wild Bill" Elliott
as Transportation Agent
Mike Lally


Howard Hawks
Harry Joe Brown
Frank Wead
Play Author
Frank Wead
Howard Hawks
Play Author
Arthur Edeson
Leo F. Forbstein
Composer (Music Score)
Leo F. Forbstein
Musical Direction/Supervision
William Holmes
Costume Designer
Paul Mantz
Perc Westmore