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This talking-animal action comedy from Lawrence Guterman, the co-director of Antz (1998), follows on the heels of the Babe and Dr. Dolittle films. Unknown to humans, a secret war has been raging between cats and dogs for eons, but a fragile truce has long held the order of the animal kingdom in place. Now the balance of power has tipped, as a researcher, Professor Brody (Jeff Goldblum), is about to invent a vaccine that will erase all human allergies to dogs. This is too much for the autocratic Mr. Tinkles (Sean Hayes), a white Persian kitty bent on world domination. The Brody home becomes ground zero for the renewed conflict between feline and canine, with a young Beagle puppy named Lou (Tobey Maguire) caught in the middle as the new point man for his species' cause. Cats and Dogs co-stars Elizabeth Perkins and Alexander Pollock, as well as the vocal talents of Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin, Jon Lovitz, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Joe Pantoliano. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

  • Release date:July 4, 2001


Jeff Goldblum
as Professor Brody
Elizabeth Perkins
as Carolyn Brody
Miriam Margolyes
as Sophie
Alexander Pollock
as Scott Brody
Tobey Maguire
as Lou
Alec Baldwin
as Butch
Sean Hayes
as Mr. Tinkles
Susan Sarandon
as Ivy
Joe Pantoliano
as Peek
Michael Clarke Duncan
as Sam
Jon Lovitz
as Calico
Charlton Heston
as Mastiff
Salome Jens
as Collie at HQ
Glenn Ficarra
as Russian Kitty
Danny Mann
as Ninja 1
Billy West
as Ninja
Billy West
as Ninja 2


Lawrence Guterman
Andrew Lazar
Craig Perry
Warren Zide
Christopher de Faria
John Requa
Glenn Ficarra
Julio Macat
John Debney
Composer (Music Score)
Rick W. Finney
Michael A. Stevenson
James D. Bissell
Production Designer
Sandi Tanaka
Art Director
John Requa
Glenn Ficarra
Ed Jones
Associate Producer
Bruce Berman
Executive Producer
J.C. Spink
Executive Producer
Chris Bender
Executive Producer
Lin MacDonald
Set Designer
Nancy Brown
Set Designer
Brian Fisher
Set Designer
Lin MacDonald
Set Decorator
Tish Monaghan
Costume Designer
Patrice Leung
First Assistant Director
Marci Liroff
Ed Jones
Visual Effects Supervisor
David Barclay
Animatronic Effects
Attila Szalay
Additional Cinematography
Attila Szalay
Second Unit Camera
Charles Gibson
Second Unit Director
Jim Henson's Creature Shop
Creature Effects
Tippett Studio
Animation Effects
Tippett Studio
Animatronic Effects
Richard L. Anderson
Supervising Sound Editor
Boone Narr
Animal Trainer/Wrangler
Boone Narr
Stunts Coordinator