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Cartucha Cortada Details


Life is good for the good Dr. César Fuentes. He has plenty of money, a good marriage, a healthy young son and a nice house in addition to his interesting job. When a man who used to be his gardener teams up with a drug baron to kidnap his son, that's bad. They want a mere $20,000, which should be all right, except that what with one thing and another, the spoiled child is soon killed by the kidnappers. When the doctor sees his son's pathetic body, he plans his revenge. In this crime thriller, the unhappy doctor decides to kidnap the drug lord's son. In between massive mayhem and many car chases, we learn that the drug baron's son is much happier with his abductor than he ever was at home. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi


Fernando Almada
as Dr. César Fuentes
Mario Almada
as El Comandante
Martha Ortiz
as Ana Fuentes
Victor Junco
as Don Queaga
Humberto Herrera
Gina Leal
Pancho Muller


Rafael Villasenor Kuri
Max Sanchez