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The Captain's Paradise Details


In this bright British comedy, we meet Capt. Henry St. James (Alec Guinness) as he stands before a firing squad and then learn of the curious chain of events that brought him to his fate. Henry is a ship's captain ferrying a steamer between Gibraltar and North Africa on a regular basis, and he's taken the notion of "a girl in every port" to a whole new level; he has a wife on each side of the water. In Gibraltar, there's Maude (Celia Johnson), an even-tempered housewife who keeps the house tidy and has dinner ready when Henry likes it. In North Africa, mate number two is Nita (Yvonne DeCarlo), who is a sultry fun seeker who likes to hit the nightspots and dance 'till dawn. Between the two of them, Henry would seem to have the best of both worlds; Chief Officer Ricco (Charles Goldner) openly envies Henry's remarkable romantic situation. But things start to go sour when Maude suddenly decides she's a stick in the mud and wants to start living it up, while Nita becomes a homebody and begins learning to cook; Henry is none too happy about either development, and before long he finds he has no spouse on either shore. The Captain's Paradise was trimmed from 93 to 84 minutes for its initial United States release. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:September 28, 1953


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Alec Coppel Best Story 1953 Nominee


Alec Guinness
as Capt. Henry St. James
Yvonne De Carlo
as Nita St. James
Celia Johnson
as Maud St. James
Charles Goldner
as Chief Officer Ricco
Miles Malleson
as Lawrence St. James
Tutte Lemkow
as Principal Dancer
Peter Bull
as Kalikan Officer
Ann Heffernan
as Daphne Bligh
Walter Crisham
as Bob
Henry Longhurst
as Prof. Killick
Michael Balfour
as 2nd Customs Official
Catherina Ferraz
as Shopowner
Roger Delgado
as Kalikan Policeman
Victor Fairley
as Customs Official
Arthur Gomez
as Chief Steward
Sebastian Cabot
as Ali
Ambrosine Phillpotts
as Marjorie
Ferdinand "Ferdy" Mayne
as Sheikh
Roy Purcell
as Officer of the Watch
Bernard Rebel
as Mr. Wheeler
Andrea Malandrinos
as Maitre d'Hotel
Claudia Gray
as Susan Dailey
Armando Guinle
as Chief Engineer
Joyce Barbour
as Mrs. Reid
George Benson
as Salmon
Bill Fraser
as Absalom
Nicholas Phipps
as Major


Anthony Kimmins
Anthony Kimmins
Nicholas Phipps
Alec Coppel
Edward Scaife
Muir Mathieson
Musical Direction/Supervision
Malcolm Arnold
Composer (Music Score)
Gerald Turney-Smith
Paul Sheriff
Art Director
Julia Squire
Costume Designer
Bridget Sellers
Costume Designer
Jack Causey
First Assistant Director
Peter Newbrook
Camera Operator
Walter Crisham
Tutte Lemkow
George Partleton