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Captain Lightfoot Details


Rock Hudson stars as Michael Martin, a naive and impetuous young would-be rebel in 1815 Ireland, who turns to robbery in his desire to support the cause against England. Now wanted by the British and forced into hiding, he crosses paths with the renowned rebel leader Captain Thunderbolt aka John Doherty (Jeff Morrow), who takes him under his wing. Impressed with Michael's bravery, Thunderbolt makes him his second-in-command, a job that becomes twice as difficult when Thunderbolt is wounded and must drop out of sight. Michael must replace him, not only as a rebel leader, but also in running the business that Doherty fronts as a cover, and in his household -- and that puts Michaal on a collision course with Doherty's equally impetuous, headstrong daughter Aga (Barbara Rush). Sparks fly between them, as the English draw ever closer in their pursuit of the rebels. ~ Bruce Eder, Rovi


Rock Hudson
as Michael Martin
Barbara Rush
as Aga Doherty
Jeff Morrow
as John Doherty, aka Capt. Thunderbolt
Kathleen Ryan
as Lady Anne More
Finlay Currie
as Callahan
Denis O'Dea
as Regis Donnell
Hilton Edwards
as Lord Glen
Harold Goldblatt
as Brady
Christopher Casson
as Lord Clonmel
Philip O'Flynn
as Trim
Shay Gorman
as Tim Keenan
Kenneth MacDonald
as High Steward
Robert Bernal
as Clagett
Louise Studley
as Cathy
Mike Nolan
as Willie the Goat
Aiden Grennell
as The Umpire
Nigel Fitzgerald
as Sir George Bracey
Edward Lexy
as Army General
Geoffrey Toone
as Capt. Hood
Paul Farrell
as The Magistrate
J.G. Devlin
as Tuer O'Brian
Austin Meldon
as Sir Edward Grant


Douglas Sirk
Ross Hunter
Oscar Brodney
Irving Glassberg
Joseph E. Gershenson
Composer (Music Score)
Hans Salter
Composer (Music Score)
Herman Stein
Composer (Music Score)
Frank Gross
Alexander Golitzen
Art Director
Oliver Emert
Set Designer
Bud Westmore