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Captain Horatio Hornblower Details


Gregory Peck stars as the title character in this swashbuckling saga of the high seas based on C.S. Forester's novel. In 1807, Hornblower is given a special assignment by the British Navy: he is to deliver a supply of weapons to El Supremo (Alec Mango), a Latin American rebel leading an uprising against Spain. However, by the time Hornblower arrives, it is discovered that the political winds have shifted, Spain and England are once again allies, and El Supremo is now the enemy of the British forces. Hornblower and his men are also forced to take on a passenger, Lady Barbara Wellesley (Virginia Mayo), a sister of the Duke of Wellington who is trying to escape an outbreak of yellow fever. When she shows symptoms of the disease, Hornblower tries to nurse her back to health while attempting to organize an attack on the armada he just helped to arm. Upon his return to England, Hornblower parts company with Wellesley (while they were attracted to each other, Hornblower remained loyal to his wife) and is given a new mission to take on Napoleon's naval forces. Captain Horatio Hornblower was originally scheduled to star Errol Flynn, but the role was recast when it was decided he'd grown too old to play the role convincingly (the fact Flynn was in the midst of one of his periodic battles with the brass at Warner Brothers certainly didn't help matters). ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Gregory Peck
as Capt. Horatio Hornblower
Virginia Mayo
as Lady Barbara Wellesley
Robert Beatty
as Lt. William Bush
Denis O'Dea
as Admiral Leighton
Terence Morgan
as Lieutenant Gerard
Moultrie Kelsall
as Lt. Crystal
James Robertson Justice
as Quist
Stanley Baker
as Mr. Harrison
James Kenney
as Midshipman Langley
Richard Hearne
as Polwheal
Alec Mango
as El Supremo
Ingeborg Wells
as Hebe
Christopher Lee
as Captain
Ronald Adam
as Adm. Macartney
John Witty
as Capt. Etenza
Michael Goodliffe
as Caillard
Kynaston Reeves
as Lord Hood
Amy Veness
as Mrs. McPhee


Raoul Walsh
Raoul Walsh
Aeneas MacKenzie
Guy Green
Jack Harris