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Can't Hardly Wait Details


After the Huntington Hills High graduation ceremony, the fun gets underway at the graduation party where an assortment of jocks, geeks, prom queens, bimbos, headbangers, and nerdy misfits unload four years' worth of emotional baggage at a house where the hostess (Michelle Brookhurst) loses control of her guests. Writer wannabe Preston Meyers (Ethan Embry) has been in love with Amanda (Jennifer Love Hewitt of Jennifer Love Hewitt) since the first time he saw her during their freshman year. His tormented infatuation with Amanda has intensified throughout high school and culminates at the party, where Preston must now seize this final opportunity to proclaim his love for her before he leaves the next day for Boston. Preston decides to make his move at some point during the party, a particularly auspicious occasion since Amanda has just been dumped by her super-jock boyfriend, Mike Dexter (Peter Facinelli), who wanted freedom to pursue his testosterone-charged fantasies with college women. Cringing at this ludicrous love triangle is Preston's introverted pal and confidante, Denise Fleming (Lauren Ambrose). When Denise runs into her ex-childhood friend Kenny (Seth Green), the two begin sexual experimentation behind the closed bathroom door. Geeky science-fiction fan William Lichter (Charlie Korsmo) devises a plan to ruin Mike's stud reputation and publicly humiliate him and his meathead buddies -- sweet revenge for four years of agony. Former Huntington Hills graduate Trip McNieley (Jerry O'Connell) tells Mike about the terror awaiting in college where "Guys like us are a dime a dozen." Yearbook Girl (Melissa Joan Hart of Melissa Joan Hart) wants everyone to sign her cherished volume of memories as the partying teens attempt to move into the uncertain future. Party house exteriors were shot on Rubio Street in Altadena, California, and other California locations included Johnnie's Broiler in downtown Downey, Dutton's Book Store in Reseda, Marshall High School in Los Feliz, and Union Station in LA. With more than 70 speaking parts, this film is the directorial debut of the scriptwriting team of Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont. ~ Bhob Stewart, Rovi

  • Release date:June 12, 1998


Jennifer Love Hewitt
as Amanda
Ethan Embry
as Preston
Charlie Korsmo
as William
Lauren Ambrose
as Denise
Peter Facinelli
as Mike
Seth Green
as Kenny
Michelle Brookhurst
as girl whose party it is
Alexander Martin
as Exchange Student
Erik Palladino
as Cousin Ron
Jaime Pressly
as Girlfriend #1 (Beth)
Melissa Joan Hart
as Yearbook Girl (Vicki)
Jerry O'Connell
as Trip McNieley
Brian Klugman
Sara Rue
as Earth Girl
Selma Blair
as Girl Mike Hits On #1
Breckin Meyer
as Lead singer of the band
Chris Owen
as Klepto Kid


Deborah Kaplan
Harry Elfont
Jenno Topping
Betty Thomas
Deborah Kaplan
Harry Elfont
Lloyd Ahern, Jr.
David Kitay
Composer (Music Score)
Matthew Sweet
Composer (Music Score)
Michael Jablow
Marcia Hinds-Johnson
Production Designer
Bo Johnson
Art Director
Karen Koch
Richard Graves
Associate Producer
Mark Bridges
Costume Designer
David Kirschner
Sound/Sound Designer
Richard Graves
First Assistant Director
Anne McCarthy
Mary Vernieu