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Greta Garbo enjoyed one of her greatest triumphs in this glossy adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' oft-filmed romantic tragedy. Here, Garbo stars as Marguerite Gauthier, who is born into humble circumstances but in time becomes Dame aux Camille, one of the most glamorous courtesans in Paris. Camille is kept by the wealthy and powerful Baron de Varville (Henry Daniell), but after many years of earning a good living from her beauty without finding true love, Camille's heart is stolen by Armand (Robert Taylor), a handsome but slightly naive young man who doesn't know how she came by her fortune. Armand is just as attracted to Camille as she is to him, and she's prepared to give up the Baron and his stipend to be with Armand. However, Armand's father (Lionel Barrymore) begs Camille to turn away from his son, knowing her scandalous past could ruin his future. Realizing the painful wisdom of this, Camille rejects Armand, who continues to pursue her even as Camille contracts a potentially fatal case of tuberculosis. Remarkably, even though this was one of Garbo's greatest commercial and critical successes, she would make only three more films before her retirement in 1941; Camille, however, would be filmed several more times following this version (most memorably by elegant sexploitation auteur Radley Metzger in 1969's Camille 2000). ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Awarded by
National Board of Review Greta Garbo Best Acting 1937 Winner
New York Film Critics Circle Greta Garbo Best Actress 1937 Winner
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Greta Garbo Best Actress 1937 Nominee


Greta Garbo
as Marguerite Gauthier/Camille
Robert Taylor
as Armand Duval
Lionel Barrymore
as Monsieur Duval
Elizabeth Allan
as Nichette
Jessie Ralph
as Nanine
Henry Daniell
as Baron de Varville
Laura Hope Crews
as Prudence Duvernoy
Russell Hardie
as Gustave
E.E. Clive
as Saint Gaudens
Douglas Walton
as Henri
Marion Ballou
as Corinne
Joan Brodel
as Marie Jeanette
June Wilkins
as Louise
Fritz Leiber
as Valentin
Mabel Colcord
as Madame Barjon
Sibyl Harris
as Georges Sand
Elspeth Dudgeon
as Attendant
Eily Malyon
as Therese
Joan Leslie
as Marie Jeanette
Olaf Hytten
as Croupier
Effie Ellsler
as Grandma Duval
John Bryan
as De Musset
Edwin Maxwell
as Doctor
Rex Evans
as Companion
Mariska Aldrich
as Friend of Camille


George Cukor
Irving G. Thalberg
Zoë Akins
Frances Marion
William H. Daniels
Karl W. Freund
Herbert Stothart
Composer (Music Score)
Margaret Booth
Edwin B. Willis
Art Director
Cedric Gibbons
Art Director
Costume Designer
Douglas Shearer
Sound/Sound Designer