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Bullet Scars Details


Although Warner Bros. "officially" disbanded its B-picture unit in 1941, the studio continued to grind out lower-berth features for the next three years. One of these was Bullet Scars, which had the look of a 1930s gangster meller which somehow escaped filming at the time of its inception. Decked out with a lavish toupee, Regis Toomey stars as country doctor Steven Bishop, who is strongarmed into operating on wounded bank robber Joe Madison (Michael Ames) without reporting the wound to the cops. Coerced into assisting Bishop is trained nurse Nora (Adele Longmir), who happens to be Madison's sister. Falling in love with Dr. Bishop, Nora helps him sneak a message to the cops, and the result is a noisy climactic shootout (pieced together with a handful of new shots and stock footage from earlier Warners epics). Variety was understating the case when it described Bullet Scars as "a very unpleasant film." ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Regis Toomey
as Dr. Steven Bishop
Adele Longmire
as Nora Madison
Howard Da Silva
as Frank Dillon
Ben Welden
as Pills Davis
John Ridgely
as Hank O'Connor
Frank Wilcox
as Mike
Hobart Bosworth
as Dr. Carter
Roland Drew
as Jake
Walter Brooke
as Leary
Creighton Hale
as Jess
Hank Mann
as Gilly
Sol (Saul) Gorss
as Dude
Don Turner
as Mitch
Tod Andrews
as Joe Madison


David Ross Lederman
Ted D. McCord
James Gibbon
Stanley Fleischer
Art Director
Milo Anderson
Costume Designer
Byron Haskin
Special Effects
Rex Wimpy
Special Effects
Perc Westmore
Sy Bartlett
Short Story Author