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The Brothers Grimm Details


Two men who have made a career out of spinning remarkable stories find themselves bringing them to life in this inventive fantasy inspired by the creators of some of the world's best-loved fairy tales. Will Grimm (Matt Damon) and his brother Jake Grimm (Heath Ledger) earn their living by traveling from village to village and vanquishing strange supernatural beasts that have been menacing the populace. Or at least that's what their clients think has been happening; as it happens, Will and Jake are confidence men who cleverly stage the ghostly attacks and then take payment for making the creatures they fabricated go away. One day, the brothers arrive in a town and offer to help its people drive away evil spirits, unaware that the community is bordered by a genuine enchanted forest, and that young girls in the village have been disappearing at a frightful rate. The Grimm Brothers must now learn how to deal with real magic, with the help of the lovely but fearless Angelika (Lena Headey). Directed by Terry Gilliam, The Brothers Grimm also stars Monica Bellucci, Peter Stormare, and Jonathan Pryce. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:August 26, 2005


Terry Gilliam
Charles Roven
Daniel Bobker
Ehren Kruger
Newton Thomas Sigel
Dario Marianelli
Composer (Music Score)
Maggie Rodford
Musical Direction/Supervision
Lesley Walker
Guy H. Dyas
Production Designer
Keith Pain
Supervising Art Director
Frank Walsh
Art Director
Jake Myers
Michael Solinger
Mishka Cheyko
Associate Producer
John D. Schofield
Executive Producer
Jonathan Gordon
Executive Producer
Harvey Weinstein
Executive Producer
Andrew Rona
Executive Producer
Bob Weinstein
Executive Producer
Chris McGurk
Executive Producer
Judy Farr
Set Decorator
Gabriella Pescucci
Costume Designer
Carlo Poggioli
Costume Designer
Ivan Sharrock
Sound/Sound Designer
Irene Lamb
Mike Kelt
Special Effects Supervisor
Kent Houston
Visual Effects Supervisor
Mishka Cheyko
Assistant Director
Nicola Pecorini
Additional Cinematography
Ian Wilson
Supervising Sound Editor
Jiri Kuba
Stunts Coordinator
Mario Luraschi
Stunts Coordinator
Michele Soavi
Second Unit Director