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Brewster's Millions Details


The seventh cinema adaptation of the venerable stage farce Brewster's Millions stars Richard Pryor as Montgomery Brewster, a third-rate baseball player. Much to his amazement, Brewster discovers that he is related to deceased millionaire Rupert Horn (Hume Cronyn, who appears only in a videotaped "living will"). Even more amazing is the fact that Horn has left Brewster his entire $300 million fortune. The catch? Brewster must spend $30 million within 30 days, or he'll be left with nothing (in the earlier incarnations of Brewster's Millions, the hero was required to spend only a million, but this was, after all, the inflationary '80s). Aiding and abetting Brewster in his efforts to divest himself of his money are his catcher pal (John Candy) and an erstwhile lady friend (Lonette McKee), while his principal antagonist is a snotty attorney (Stephen Collins). ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Richard Pryor
as Montgomery Brewster
John Candy
as Spike Nolan
Lonette McKee
as Angela Drake
Stephen Collins
as Warren Cox
Jerry Orbach
as Charley Pegler
Pat Hingle
as Edward Roundfield
Tovah Feldshuh
as Marilyn
Joe Grifasi
as J.B. Donaldo
Peter Jason
as Chuck Fleming
Jerome Dempsey
as Norris Baxter
Ji-Tu Cumbuka
as Melvin
Yakov Smirnoff
as Vladimir
Hume Cronyn
as Rupert Horn
Malachy McCourt
as George the Doorman
Lin Shaye
as Journalist at Rally
Ken Knighten
as 3rd Batter
Wesley Thompson
as Journalist at Rally
Roger Til
as Maitre D'
R.D. Call
as Courtroom Guard
Conrad Janis
as Businessman in Car
Jeff Mylett
as Tailor
Rick Moranis
as Morty King
David Wohl
as Eugene Provost
Regina Hooks
as Tina
Alan Autry
as Biff Brown
Archie Hahn III
as Iceberg Man
Gloria Charles
as Astrid
Shaka Cumbuka
as Heckler at Rally
Steve Benson
as Benson
Brad Sanders
as Luther
Hank Robinson
as Yankee Game Umpire
Allan Graf
as Camden Brave
Margot Rose
as Torchy's Waitress
Kelly Yaegermann
as Law Office Receptionist
Joel Weiss
as Paparazzo
Yana Nirvana
as Louise
Matt Landers
as Journalist at Rally
Joseph Medalis
as Bank Executive
Mike Hagerty
as Furniture Warehouseman
Mike Paciorek
as Scharf
Duan Ji-shun
as Melvin
Grand L. Bush
as Rudy
Kip Waldo
as Heckler at Rally
Ken Medlock
as Dixon
Art Reichle
as Minor League Umpire
Joe Banks
as Wilson
Judith Holstra
Richard Hochberg
as Tailor
Strawn Bovee
as Journalist at Rally
Reni Santoni
as Vin Rapelito
Carmine Caridi
as Salvino
Frank Slaten
as Bailiff


Walter Hill
Gene Levy
Joel Silver
Lawrence Gordon
Herschel Weingrod
Ric Waite
Ry Cooder
Composer (Music Score)
Michael Ripps
John Vallone
Production Designer
Mae Woods
Associate Producer
Marilyn Vance
Costume Designer
Perry Ellis
Costume Designer
Jhane Barnes
Costume Designer