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The Brain That Wouldn't Die Details


An arrogant scientist brings his fiancée back from the dead in this vintage cult horror film. Dr. Bill Cortner (Jason Evers, here billed as Herb Evers) performs medical experiments despite the trepidation of his surgeon father (Bruce Brighton); transplantation is Bill's main area of interest, but he's also had some success using electric shock to restore life to the recently deceased. When Bill causes a car crash that decapitates his fiancée, Jan Compton (Virginia Leith), he spirits her head off to his secret laboratory and keeps it alive with the help of an experimental new serum. Soon, the doctor begins scouring the dives, strip clubs, and suburban streets for an attractive woman whose body he can steal to restore his lady love to her full, ambulatory glory. Meanwhile, back at the lab, Jan grows to hate Bill for refusing to let her die. Developing telepathic powers that allow her to communicate with one of Bill's failed experiments -- a snarling creature kept locked up under the stairs -- she begins to plot her revenge. Things come to a head when Bill returns to the lab with his intended victim: a bitter, disfigured, man-hating figure model (Adele Lamont). The promotional tagline for The Brain That Wouldn't Die was "Alive...without a body...fed by an unspeakable horror from hell!" The film helped provide the inspiration for '80s horror/comedy director Frank Henenlotter's Frankenhooker and Basket Case 2. The former includes a decapitated woman restored to life by her lover, while the latter features both a cameo from Brain star Jason Evers and another character who looks like the twin brother of the monster under the stairs. ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi

  • Release date:August 10, 1962


Jason Evers
as Dr. Bill Cortner
Virginia Leith
as Jan Compton
Bruce Brighton
as Doctor
Paula Maurice
as B-Girl
Bruce Kerr
as Announcer
Doris Brent
as Nurse
Lola Mason
as Donna Williams
Leslie Daniel
as Kurt
Eddie Carmel
as Monster
Adele Lamont
as Doris Powell
Audrey Devereau
as Jeannie


Joseph Green
Rex Carlton
Rex Carlton
Joseph Green
Joseph Green
Screen Story
Abe Barker
Composer (Music Score)
Leonard Anderson
Byron Baer
Special Effects
Anthony LaMarca
First Assistant Director
Doris Brent
Additional Dialogue
Vincent Delaney