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Boys of the City Details


In their second Monogram caper, Knuckles (Dave O'Brien) and the East Side Kids (Bobby Jordan, Leo Gorcey, Sunshine Sammy Morrison, et al.) are on their way to camp in the Adirondacks when they offer a lift to Judge Parker (Forrest Taylor) and his ward Louise (Inna Gest), who are having car trouble. Much to the boys' derision, the judge is the very same who wrongly convicted Knuckles in the previous film. And if that isn't enough, the learned jurist's secluded mansion proves to be in the haunted house category complete with sliding panels, hidden passageways, and a deranged housekeeper (Minerva Urecal). When the judge is found murdered and his ward missing, henchmen Giles (Denny Moore) and Simp (Vince Barnett) naturally accuse Knuckles, who has a motive but no alibi. In their bumbling search for the judge's missing ward, the boys stumble across a prowling detective (Alden Chase), however, and the real culprit is soon unmasked to be none other than -- well, suffice it to say, the killer is the least likely candidate, the East Side Kids, Louise, and Knuckles not included. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi


Bobby Jordan
as Danny
Leo Gorcey
as Muggs McGinnis
Dave "Tex" O'Brien
as Knuckles
George Humbert
as Tony
Frankie Burke
as Skinny
Donald Haines
as Pee Wee
Vince Barnett
as Simp
Minerva Urecal
as Agnes
David Gorcey
Dennis Moore


Joseph H. Lewis
Sam Katzman
William Lively
Carl Pierson