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Jed Potter (Fred Astaire) is a popular radio personality who was once a famous dancer. He also used to be friends with Johnny Adams (Bing Crosby) until they became rivals for the affections of Mary O'Hara (Joan Caulfield). Jed lost out when Johnny and Mary got married, but life hasn't been too rosy for the couple since; Johnny's career in business was a washout, and not long after the birth of their daughter, the couple decided to divorce. Mary gave Jed another chance with her, but in time she chose to patch things up with Johnny, leading Jed to a close partnership with alcohol that ended with an accident, preventing him from ever dancing again. However, the aftermath of this tragedy helps bring the three former friends back together. Blue Skies was not much more than a framework for a bunch of musical numbers featuring great tunes from the Irving Berlin catalog, but when you've got Bing singing and Fred dancing to songs like "Puttin' on the Ritz," "You Keep Coming Back Like a Song," "A Couple of Song and Dance Men," and "White Christmas," why carp? Noted stage actor and tap dancer Paul Draper was originally cast as Jed, but he was fired after several days of filming and replaced by Astaire; Draper would make only one more movie before his film career came to an end after he was branded a Communist sympathizer. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:October 16, 1946


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Robert Emmett Dolan Best Score - Musical 1946 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Irving Berlin Best Song 1946 Nominee


Bing Crosby
as Johnny Adams
Fred Astaire
as Jed Potter
Joan Caulfield
as Mary O'Hara
Billy De Wolfe
as Tony
Olga San Juan
as Nita Nova
Mikhail Rasumny
as Francois
Frank Faylen
as Mack
Victoria Horne
as Martha Nurse
Joel Friend
as Specialty dancer
Roy Gordon
as Charles Dillingham
Joan Woodbury
as Flo
Cliff Nazarro
as Cliff
Len Hendry
as Electrician
John Gallaudet
as Stage manager
Karolyn Grimes
as Mary Elizabeth
Jack Norton
as Drunk
Albert Ruiz
as Specialty dancer
Jimmy Conlin
as Jeffrey
Larry Steers
as Guest
Robert Benchley
as Businessman
Will Wright
as Dan
Harry Davenport
Roberta Jonay
as Hat check girl
John Kelly
as Tough Guy
Paula Ray
as Guest
John Miller
as Ed
Frances Morris
as Nurse
Sam Harris
as Guest


Stuart Heisler
Sol C. Siegel
Arthur Sheekman
Irving Berlin
Charles B. Lang
Irving Berlin
Composer (Music Score)
Robert Emmett Dolan
Musical Direction/Supervision
Robert Emmett Dolan
Composer (Music Score)
LeRoy Stone
Hal Pereira
Production Designer
Hans Dreier
Production Designer
Sam Comer
Set Designer
Edith Head
Costume Designer
Farciot Edouart
Special Effects
Gordon Jennings
Special Effects
Hermes Pan
Wally Westmore